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Nationals News: Superutility Guzman Edition

  Cristian Guzman, who started at second base for the first time in his life earlier this week, played some outfield yesterday, also something he's never done before. Jim Riggleman would like to get him a good number of at bats this season, and it looks like the best way to do that is to bounce around the field.

Nationals News

  Mark Zuckerman has posted his readers' interview with Drew Storen.

  Mike Rizzo answers a number of fan questions.

  The Nats are currently at 75-1 odds to reach the World Series, and are at 150-1 to win it all.

  Jim Riggleman says the 25-man roster has pretty much been finalized, though no announcements have been made yet.

  Although he's an $8 million albatross, could the Nats trade Cristian Guzman?

  Bryce Harper was named the NJCAA player of the week.

  Though Matt Capps hasn't had the greatest spring, he feels like he's ready for the season.

  80% of March responders to FJB's right track/wrong track poll said the team was heading in the right direction.

  Nationals Park has undergone a good number of upgrades this offseason, and a lot of new food will be available.