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Nationals News: Back to Back Edition

Craig Stammen got some tips from Livan Hernandez prior to last night's start, and it paid off. Instead of putting everything he had on his pitches, he took some velocity off and was able to get ground balls. He was definitely in the zone last night.

Willie Harris' home run yesterday gave him a sense of relief, after batting .150 in 2010.

There was some talk that Jason Marquis would not make his next start on time, but it turns out that he will take his turn on Friday. He says his delivery feels "robotic," but he has been watching a lot of video and may have figured out what he was doing wrong.

Ron Villone has resigned with the Nats, and is currently in extended spring training.

Garrett Mock returned to Nationals Park for the first time since an MRI revealed a herniated disk in his neck.

Josh Wilkie is having a good season up at Syracuse, and says that pitching coach Greg Booker has been a big help.

The Nats will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day this Thursday.

Making News Elsewhere...

Rays manager Joe Maddon was told by MLB that he can't wear a hoodie anymore.