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Game 17: (2 x Goggles) + (2 x Dunn) = 2π



  • D1NG3RZ! Adam Dunn (+0.259) breaks out of his doldrums bigtime with a solo shot in the 4th for the lead (+0.120) and a two-run bomb in the 6th for insurance (+0.160).
  • G0GGL3Z! Rookie Luis Atilano (+0.261) throws six innings of one-run ball, earning shaving-cream pies from both John Lannan and Livan Hernandez in his first big-league start. Tyler Clippard (+0.078) pitches two scoreless in relief with 4 Ks.
  • 0UTZ! Ivan Rodriguez (-0.112) makes 5 outs in 3 AB with 2 GDPs and a K.