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Nationals News: Yes, the Nats are Actually this Good

  Jayson Stark says that the Nats are legitimately this good. FJB gives us five reasons the Nats will sustain this success, and five reasons they won't.

  Dave Shenin has written a great piece on Stephen Strasburg's adjustments to the minor league lifestyle.

  The Nats are hoping that Ryan Zimmerman will start the series today in Chicago.

  Nyjer Morgan has been caught four times in nine steal attempts, perhaps because he has been trying to slide feet-first this season.

  The Nats are now 5-4 without Ryan Zimmerman in the starting lineup, particularly impressive considering that the Nats don't have a primary third base backup.

  As the Nats travel to Chicago to play the Cubs, they'll again cross paths with Alfonso Soriano, still the Nats' single-season home run record holder.

  Adam Dunn has noticed attitude differences between this year's club and last's, and it's obviously paying off.

  An MRI has revealed that Willie Harris does not have significant knee damage, and should be back in the lineup sometime this week.

  Screech turned five over the weekend, and DC-area mascots threw him a party on top of the dugout on Saturday's game.

  Scott Olsen was spot-on yesterday, at one point retiring 13 of 14 batters.

Around the league...

  A Cubs fan fell 14 feet while trying to catch foul balls at Miller Park.

  Pirates' Pitcher Chris Jakubauskas was placed on the 15-day disabled list after being hit in the head by a line-drive comebacker.