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Nationals News: At Least We Got to See a Walkoff Walk...

  After singlehandedly giving the Cubs a win, Brian Bruney was kiiiiind of a jerk in his postgame interview, telling Debbie Taylor that she wasn't privileged enough to know the answer to one of her questions.

  Nyjer Morgan has cost the team 1.31 runs this year, according to stolen base metrics. He's been given permission to slide headfirst, but is expected to slide feet first if he is sure he'll be safe.

  The Nationals are still battling nagging injuries, starting yesterday's game without Ryan Zimmerman, Pudge Rodriguez and Willie Harris.

  Mark Zuckerman points out that the Nats need more quality relievers, and that Drew Storen may be one of them.

  Did you know that today is Babe Ruth Day?

Around the league...

  The Phillies are "headed for a cliff," according to FJB.

  Ryan Howard's monster signing is a good thing everyone else in the NL East.

  Though not as bad as the 20-0 drubbing a few days ago, the Brewers beat the Pirates 17-3 yesterday.

  A young boy was hit in the head by a broken bat at the Brewers game, but seemed to be okay. It really is going to take a fan getting seriously injured before MLB does something, it seems.