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Washington Nationals Take Two Of Three In Wrigley, Beat Chicago Cubs 3-2.

• The 100-loss Nationals took two of three in Wrigley last season, so today's series-winning 3-2 victory is nothing new, really...Matt Capps' 10th save in 10 opportunities? That's what a closer is supposed to do...Adam Dunn's game-winning fourth-inning HR off Ryan Dempster? Nothing special, right? 20 rows back? Left center? That's a high-paid slugger's job...Or the fact that rookie right-hander Luis Atilano allowed two runs, one in each of the first two innings, then held the Cubs scoreless over four more for a so-called "quality start", not exceptional, just quality, workman-like, that's what's expected...The bullpen holding the lead? Brian Bruney allowing two runners on before recording an out in a one-run game and then working his way out of trouble without letting the Cubs tie it? Tyler Clippard giving up a leadoff double and a two-out walk while seemingly throwing a quick scoreless frame to set up the Nats' closer? All as it should be. The fact that the Nationals' 12-10 start is their best yet, a game ahead of the pace they set in the first-half of their inaugural season upon MLB's return to DC in 2005...Is that something to get excited about? The fact that they've done it while Ryan Zimmerman has missed 8 games with injuries to the left and then right hamstring? That Jason Marquis is lost for six weeks with "loose bodies" in his elbow? The fact the Adam Dunn's 1 for 4 performance today raised his average to just .227 with a .370 OBP, .453 SLG, 5 doubles, 4 HR's and 9 RBI's in 22 games in April as opposed to, say, his .310 AVG, .467 OBP, .606 SLG, 3 doubles, 6 HR's 15 RBI's in the first 21 games last year? Is that supposed to impress anybody? It's only April! The best pitcher in the organization is dominating Double-AA and handing the ball to the team's future closer, while the shortstop of the future and the long-awaited top outfield prospects finally arrive at the major league-level...Yes, I'm talking about Justin Maxwell and Roger Bernadina. Before the season started, Nats' team President Stan Kasten told ESPN's The Sports Reporters' Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin that the team was focused on making sure they'd show improvement and believed, "...the second-half of the year is going to be markedly better than the first half, and that's what we have to be least I am, that's what I'm counting on," because, as Mr. Kasten put it: 

"We all know what our schedule is the first six weeks or so of the season, I think we'll get through that and then progressively get better from that point forward..."

3 weeks into the period the Nationals thought they'd have to struggle through, after six games with the Phillies, three with the NY Mets, three each with the Brewers, Dodgers and Cubs and four with the Rockies, the team is 12-10. Three weeks from now after six with the Marlins, who've owned the Nats in recent years, the Braves, (who were supposed to be and will get better), three with the Mets (who are leading the NL East? Really?) and four more with Colorado, we'll see where the Nats stand, but even then it will only be mid-May or early June, and that's when the future is supposed to get started...

• Miss The Game? The DC Faithful Were Watching...

• Line of the Day: "Pouty-Three-Spot Guz disdains your sleeping dog." - Miss B.

• Nationals win, 3-2 final. 

Nationals now 12-10.