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Nationals News: Will D.C. Ever Love the Nats?

  Will the Nats ever be as popular in DC as the Caps? My feeling is that they will be, as soon as they start winning.

  Bill Ladson answers some more questions, and sits down with Pudge Rodriguez.

  Livan Hernandez has a FIP of 5.05, so he should get hit hard pretty soon, but is still finding ways to produce in the majors. Also, he's apparently a very good golfer.

  Bleacher Report runs down the changes Tyler Clippard made while transitioning from a starter to a reliever.

  Capitol Punishment says that the biggest difference between this year and last has been the bullpen, particularly Clipp and Save.

  Despite reports of Bryce Harper's questionable character, the Nationals don't seem to be concerned.

  Ben Goessling looks back at the series against the Cubs.

  Emilie Cole guides us on a tour up to Harrisburg for Strasburg's Sunday start, stopping at a number of brewpubs.

  Although Ivan Rodriguez's bat is almost guaranteed to cool off in the near future, he has still been a driving force for the newly resurgent Nationals.

Around the league...

  MLB received an A for racial hiring and a B for gender hiring in a new study released by the University of Central Florida.

  A group of protesters chanted "boycott Arizona" at the Cubs game yesterday, in response to an Arizona law that makes it a crime to be in the US illegally. Not to get too political, but right on.