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Nationals News: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Edition

OPENING DAY IS HERE! "We've got a lot of baseball for about six months." - Jim Riggleman

Nationals News

  Adam Dunn said there is no deadline for him to sign an extension, but would like to get something done so he doesn't have to worry about trade rumors.

  John Lannan, who pitched Opening Day 2009 against the Marlins, hopes to allow fewer than the six runs he did last year.

  Nats320 has a quick Opening Day chat with Mark Lerner.

  The Opening Day lineup is set!

  Nyjer Morgan is very excited to meet President Obama.

  Ben Goessling predicts the Nats will finish 5th in the East, and the Phillies will defeat the Yankees in the World Series.

  FanGraphs has posted the NL closer report, calling Matt Capps a third-tier closer.

  Have the Nationals taken interest away from the Orioles?

  According to FJB, the Nats are going to have to get pretty lucky to make it to .500 this year...