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Washington Nationals Drop Second-Straight To Philadelphia Phillies, 8-4.

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Quick Game Report:

Jason Marquis' first inning on the mound for the Washington Nationals had it all, three walks, a HBP, a run-scoring single and a run scored on a passed ball/wild pitch (59ft6in? or non-block/reach by Pudge? You decide...Scorer said passed ball), to give the Philadelphia Phillies a 2-0 lead early tonight in Nationals Park...In the second, Marquis was much more efficient, striking out Carlos Ruiz, and popping up Cole Hamels for two quick outs, with only a two-out double by Jimmy Rollins that a diving Nyjer Morgan couldn't come up with prolonging the scoreless frame. Placido Polanco's line out to short ends it in the next AB... 

Ian Desmond got a fastball he liked from Cole Hamels and drove it to deeeep center for a two-out solo shot in the third, his and the Nationals' first of 2010, and Hamels walked Ryan Zimmerman and Adam Dunn, so Josh Willingham's single scored the tying run, making it a 2-2 game after three. Hamels made up for it in the top of the frame, with the third of three one-out singles in a row off Marquis, which scored the go-ahead run to make it 3-2 Philly after three and a half, but it's Desmond again in the Nats' fourth, who doubles to score Nyjer Morgan after Morgan's two-out grounder gets by Ryan Howard at first to keep the inning alive. Desmond lines to left, Morgan scores from second, 3-3 ballgame. 

Marquis doesn't get out of the fifth. Placido Polanco goes to left center with a line drive that drops in between Josh Willingham and Nyjer Morgan. Chase Utley drops one into short left center. Polanco scores, 4-3 Philly. Marquis drops a 1-0 fastball onto the high outside corner and Ryan Howard HAMMERS it, deeeeep to the right of center field and GONE, two-run blast, Marquis is done, 6-3 Philly. 

Jason Marquis' Line: 4.0 IP, 8 H, 6 ER, 3 BB, 2 K's, 1 HR, 1 WP, 70 pitches, 45 strikes, 7/1 GO/FO.


• Final Score: Nationals 4, Phillies 8. 

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• For The Completists: Full Game Report After The JUMP.

Nationals now 0-2.

Full Game Report:

1 - Jimmy Rollins needed a new bat after Jason Marquis sawed it off with a 1-1 sinker, but Marquis threw a trailing fastball outside for a leadoff walk. Placido Polanco takes one in the shoulder and takes first. A 1-2 fastball after a 1-1 change that had Utley chasing, gets drilled through second, into the right field grass for a single. Ryan Howard grounds to second, Adam Kennedy to Ian Desmond, to Adam Dunn, who picks it, double play, Rollins crosses. 1-0 Phillies. Jayson Werth works a walk, and Raul Ibanez has men of first and third. Wild pitch, it gets by Pudge Rodriguez, to the backstop, Polanco scores. 2-0 Philly. And Marquis walks Ibanez. Shane Victorino up with the bases juic...loaded. Victorino grounds to second, Kennedy to Desmond. Inning over...Nyjer Morgan walks. Philly starter Cole Hamels is all over him with throws to first. Morgan steals anyway. (Doghouse: Walk=Double). Ian Desmond K's chasing a change. Ryan Zimmerman's groundout moves Morgan to third, one down for Adam Dunn. Dunn grounds to short, 2-0 Philly. 

2 - Carlos Ruiz K's swinging. Cole Hamels sends a fly ball to left for Josh Willingham to catch. Jimmy Rollins flies to left center, and Morgan's going to try. Morgan dives and misses it, off the glove. Double for Rollins. Polanco up with two down. Placido Polanco lines out to short...Still 2-0 Philly...Josh Willingham rips a line drive through Jimmy Rollins, or into Rollins really, and off his glove. Ivan Rodriguez flies out to right. Mike Morse swings through a 1-2 fastball that cuts in under his bat for the second out. Hammer steals second!!! and takes third when the throw rolls into center. Hamels jams Kennedy, Kennedy grounds out to short.

3 - Marquis gets two quick strikes on Chase Utley, then throws one outside. 1-2, Utley lines out to a stretched out Dunn at first. Jayson Werth grounds to third, Dunn catches a wide throw from Zimmerman and tags the big Philly...Marquis is a lefty at bat? He grounds out to second. Nyjer Morgan grounds to first, and tries to beat the lanky Hamels to the bag, too late. Ian Desmond gets a fastball and he takes it DEEEEEEEP TO CENTER AND GONE!!! HR, 2-1. Ryan Zimmerman gets pitched around/intentional walk. Adam Dunn won't chase a 3-1 sinker so he walks. Josh Willingham singles through short, Zimmerman speeds around third and slides in safe, 2-2 game. Ivan Rodriguez spins an excuse-me single up the third base line and beats Hamels' throw. Mike Morse grounds out to third. Tie game. 

4 - A ground ball to second from Raul Ibanez. Shane Victorino reaches on a high chopper off Zimmerman's glove. Jason Marquis hangs an 0-2 pitch to Ruiz, who singles to left to move Victorino up. Cole Hamels rolls a sharp grounder under a diving Adam Kennedy for a run-scoring single. 3-2 Phils. Jimmy Rollins grounds to second, Adam Kennedy shuffles a backhand pass, Desmond to Dunn, double play...Adam Kennedy lines out to Jayson Werth in right. Jason Marquis K's chasing. Nyjer Morgan rolls a grounder up Ryan Howard's arm, and into foul territory, Morgan takes second as it's collected. Ian Desmond doubles to left, Morgan scores, 3-3 ballgame. Ryan Zimmerman chases a 3-2 change and K's after the throw to first. 

5 - Placido Polanco drops a line drive between Hammer and Morgan in center to start the fifth. Ryan Howard destroys a fastball outside that hangs up there begging for it, two-run blast, 6-3 Philly.Tyler Walker replaces Marquis and strikes out Werth. Ibanez grounds out to Kennedy at second, Victorino K's swinging, 6-3 Philly...Adam Dunn takes and takes and walks to start the Nats' fifth. Josh Willingham flies out to center. Mike Morse K's chasing a change into the dirt in front of home, Hamels through five with the 6-3 lead. 

6 - Tyler Walker vs Carlos Ruiz. Ruiz flies out to right, Mike Morse makes the catch. Ross Gload hits for Hamels. Walker pops up Gload. Jimmy Rollins with two down. Walker gets Rollins to bite on a high two-strike heater, check-swing K to end the Phillies' sixth...Chad Durbin on for Philly. Adam Kennedy sends Victorino crashing into the GEICO sign on the center field wall. One Down. Alberto Gonzalez grounds weakly to short. Nyjer Morgan grounds out trying to bunt his way on. 

7 - Jesse English on for DC. Polanco lines one off his calf, and beats the throw to first, doubly insulting. English walks the next batter, Chase Utley, but recovers and gets Ryan Howard to fly out unproductively. Tyler Clippard takes over for English. Cue "Peaches". Tyler Clippard walks Jayson Werth to load the bases. Raul Ibanez flies to right and they'll test Morse's arm, Polanco tags, and scores from third, 7-3 Philly. Utley moves to third on the throw home. Victorino pops out to end the inning...Stretch...Ian Desmond leads off against Durbin. Desmond K's. Zimmerman fights one off and singles to short right in front of Adam Dunn. Dunn-K's. Josh Willingham works a walk in front of Pudge. Rodriguez grounds out Utley, 7-3 after seven. 

8 - Tyler Clippard hangs a curve to Carlos Ruiz, who singles to left. Cristian Guzman charges in to catch a pop fly from pinch hitter Greg Dobbs. Clippard walks Jimmy Rollins. Placido Polanco grounds back to Clippard, to Desmond, to Dunn, double play...Cristian Guzzzzzman, triples to center and shoots a DY Wave to the dugout. Adam Kennedy flies to right, Guzman tags...and scores, 7-4, sliding around Ruiz on a good throw in from Werth. Willie Harris doubles over Werth's head. Danys Baez is out after three batters. 7-4 Philly. Antonio Bastardo pops up Nyjer Morgan with one pitch. And he's done. Ryan Madson vs Ian Desmond. Desmond chases junk and K's.

9 - Matt Capps vs Chase Utley to start the ninth. Utley grounds to short, Ian Desmond...drops it. Ryan Howard doubles off the wall in center, Utley scores. 8-4. Jayson Werth flies out to center. Ibanez flies out to left. Victorino works a walk after swinging at a 3-0 pitch. Carlos Ruiz gets the intentionals. Madson K's swinging...Ryan Zimmerman vs Madson. Zim K's swinging over a change inside. Adam Dunn hits a one-out single to left center. Josh Willingham drops a single into left center. Two on for Pudge. Ground ball to short, to second, to first, double play ends it. 8-4 Phillies. 

Nationals now 0-2.