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Washington Nationals' FOF Ryan Zimmerman Likes Throwing To Adam Dunn? Really?

Washington Post writer Thomas Boswell held court this afternoon in one of his always entertaining chats entitled, "Ask Boswell: Tiger Woods at the Masters, Nats Season Opener, Donovan McNabb, Redskins, Caps and more", in which Mr. Boswell offered some insightful often biting criticisms of the way in which the Washington Nationals and team President Stan Kasten, in particular, handled both the ticket sales for Opening Day in DC this past Monday, and the response to the DC Faithful's public outrage over the way in which said tickets were distributed out of state (in one city in particular) before they were made available to local fans. It's a must read for anyone who has been following what's been referred to here as "GroupTicketGATE" or elsewhere as "GateGATE", but the most interesting topic discussed in the chat, in my opinion, had to do with onfield concerns one questioner raised about the Face of the Nats' Franchise's Achilles Heel, the fact that so many (48 of 65) (ed. note - "I think it's 49 actually.") of Nationals' third baseman Ryan Zimmerman's career errors have been throwing errors, a percentage that doesn't quite match what's expected from some of the game's great hot corner fielders. Mr. Boswell's response:

Tom Boswell: "...Throwing has always been Zimmerman's (only) defensive flaw. At times, it's scary enough to make the name "Knoblauch" jump into writer's minds. But that seems to be behind him. Part of the reason is that he really likes throwing to Dunn at 1st base! Who'd have guessed. Dunn's one strength, right from the beginning, is that he has good hands on low throws. It's a knack. He has it. In one inning last year, he saved Zimmerman two errors on low throws. That seemed to be a turning point. Zimmerman also loves the Big Target. He says, 'How can you miss him?' It's partly psychological, but so what? Dunn really does look huge on a baseball field __dwarfs the other 'big' guys. So, when Dunn looks bad on a ground ball, remember that Z'man's throwing has improved with him over there."

Uh...I don't know what to say? The Gold Glove winning Zim gives Dunn his stamp of approval as the Nats' first baseman? The infielder with the 4th best UZR/150 rating in all of baseball for 2009 loves throwing to the defensively-challenged Nats' first baseman? This Nick Johnson-backer is certainly surprised...