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Washington Nationals Win First Game of 2010, Beat Philadelphia Phillies 6-5.

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"Quick" Recap: 

• After allowing three runs in the top of the first on a leadoff triple by Nyjer Morgan, an RBI single by Cristian Guzman, a run-scoring double by Ryan Zimmerman and an RBI groundout by Adam Dunn, Philadelphia right-hander Kyle Kendrick recovered to retire nine straight, striking Zimmerman out with a fastball up high to end the bottom of the third, with the score still 3-0 Nats. Washington right-hander Craig Stammen threw a scoreless first, but gave up a run in each of the next two innings, with a leadoff double by Jayson Werth and an RBI groundout by Shane Victorino making it 3-1 after two, before a one-out single, double and groundout by Jimmy Rollins, Placido Polanco and Chase Utley, respectively, made it 3-2 DC after three...

• The Nationals add two in the home-half of the fourth. Adam Dunn reaches out and pulls a line drive single to right field one out in front of TAWH! The Amazing Willie Harris, whose HR to right center puts the Nats up 5-2, for a half inning at least. Philadelphia rallies in the top of the fifth, cutting it down to a one-run lead when Nyjer Morgan misplays a Placido Polanco single into an RBI triple by charging a low liner that sneaks under his glove and rolls to the wall, allowing Greg Dobbs to score one out after his leadoff single. Ryan Howard gets an RBI chance with two down, and brings the Phillies back to 5-4 by lining to center on a fastball from Stammen that's up and over the outside edge of the plate.  

• Nats' lefty Sean Burnett allows the Phillies to even it up at 5-5 after six, walking the first two batters he faces and then watching as Tyler Clippard hits Ben Francisco to load the bases, and surrenders a sac fly to Jimmy Rolllins that earns Philly the tie. The Nationals take it back in the seventh. Phillies' right-hander Nelson Figueroa walks Alberto Gonzalez to start the frame, and two outs later Ryan Zimmerman pops up down the right field line and has it drop in fair for an RBI double and a 6-5 lead that holds up through eight...

Matt Capps comes on to close it and uncorks two 95 mph fastballs, the likes of which he hadn't thrown all Spring, and then a 1-1 slider that drops in for a called strike two, but Utley reaches out for the next fastball, which comes in at 96 and goes out into left center field, for a double that Utley earns by running out of the box. An intentional walk to Howard puts the go-ahead run on, but sets up the DP, that Capps never needs. Jayson Werth lines out to Nyjer Morgan, Utley takes third. Raul Ibanez flies out to short left, not deep enough. Shane Victorino pops out to short, Cristian Guzman closes his glove on the win. 


• Nationals win, 6-5 final. 

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• For the Completists...Six Innings of Baseball After The JUMP! (Sorry, Innings 4-9 Only...)

Nationals now 1-2.



4 - Jayson Werth leads off the Philly fourth with a line drive double to left center. Craig Stammen drops a sinking fastball under Raul Ibanez's bat. Shane Victorino grounds to second, Werth takes third as Adam Kennedy throws to first. Former Nat-current Phillies' catcher Brian Schneider hits a sinking fastball on the outside edge weakly back toward Stammen, who throws to first to end the top of the frame...Adam Dunn reaches out and pulls a line drive single into right. Josh Willingham lines ot Polanco at third. Willie Harris...WANTS TO PLAY!!! HR to right, two-run blast, 5-2 Nationals. Adam Kennedy goes all the way the other way with a double to left, but he's stranded at second when Wil Nieves and Craig Stammen fly and ground out to end the frame. 

5 - Greg Dobbs hits a line drive single to left to start the fifth. Willie Harris gets in under a fly ball off Jimmy Rollins' bat. Placido Polanco lines to short center, Nyjer Morgan charges, but can't get there, and it sneaks under his glove, as a single becomes a triple, Dobbs scores, 5-3. Stammen draws a weak grounder out of Utley. Ryan Howard lines to left center to score Polanco with a two-out single, 5-4 DC. Jayson Werth strokes a line drive to left, Howard hits third and keeps going as the throw comes in, he's caught, and tagged at home, 5-4 Nats after four and a half...Jose Contreras on for Philly, Nyjer Morgan takes the second pitch he sees to left center, Victorino makes the catch. Ryan Zimmerman grounds out, Guzman to third. Adam Dunn grounds into the shift. 

6 - Sean Burnett tilts his cap to the side and takes over on the mound for Stammen. Raul Ibanez works the count full. And walks. And Victorino walks. Brian Schneider gets down a perfect sac bunt, that only Zimmerman's quick play keeps from being a single. Second and third for pinch hitter Ben Francisco. Tyler Clippard takes over for Burnett. And hits Francisco. Bases loaded for Rollins. Rollins lines out to right, Willie Harris gets there, Ibanez tags and scores. 5-5 tie. Polanco grounds out to short...Nelson Figueroa, yes that Figueroa, pops up Josh Willingham to start the Nats' sixth. Willie Harris works a one-out walk. Adam Kennedy pops out to the infield. Wil Nieves grounds one up the middle, but Jimmy Rollins gets there. 

7 - Tyler Clippard vs Utley to start the seventh. Still 5-5. Adam Kennedy knocks down the grounder and throws Utley out. Ryan Howard finds room in right center for a one-out single. Jayson Werth grounds into a force at second, but beats Adam Kennedy's DP throw. Raul Ibanez swings through an 0-2 change, or tips it a least, but he K's that's for sure...Alberto Gonzalez gets a PH opportunity, and uses it to walk in front of Nyjer Morgan. Morgan gets the sac bunt down, Gonzalez to second. Cristian Guzman's groundout moves Morgan to third. Ryan Zimmerman pops up, down the line in right, Werth charges, and comes up short, Morgan scores, 6-5 Nationals. Dunn gets the intentionals. Josh Willingham pops out to third. 6-5 Nats after seven. 

8 - Brian Bruney gets a line drive to left from Victorino for the first out of the eighth. Brian Schneider lines out to Nyjer Morgan. Ross Gload works a two-out walk, and takes third when Jimmy Rollins doubles to right. Willie Harris holds Gload at third. Placido Polanco grounds to third, Zimmerman fields and throws. 6-5 after seven and a half...Antonio Bastardo takes over for Philly. Willie Harris K's chasing a bender. Adam Kennedy lines out to right field where Werth makes a catch on the track. David Herndon vs Wil Nieves. Nieves singles up the middle. Ian Desmond with a pinch hit grounder up the middle, Rollins gets there and tosses to Utley to end the eighth.

9 - Matt Capps comes on to close it. Chase Utley rips a 1-2 pitch to left-center for a leadoff double. Ryan Howard gets the intentionals. Jayson Werth rips a line drive to center, Nyjer Morgan's there. Utley takes third. Capps pops up Raul Ibanez, too short to left, Utley's stuck at third. And Riggleman comes out to talk to Capps. Shane Victorino pops out, Utley's stranded. Nats win. 6-5 final.