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Game 3: Tightrope successfully walked



The Amazing Willie Harris (+0.190) providing the Nats' 2nd HR of the year, while Ryan Zimmerman (+0.238) doubled in the final go-ahead run in this closely-fought game.

Matt Capps (+0.173) and Tyler Clippard (+0.153) did the majority of the tightrope walking, pitching into and escaping jams with only enough damage to keep it "interesting," in best Nationals reliever style.  Craig Stammen (-0.076) put up the best start we've seen so far this year, exiting with a lead that Sean Burnett (-0.137) quickly imperiled, hinting at disastrous regression to the mean to come.

Is any game as good as a close win?  The fans were really into it late in the game, with the half-full, half-Nats stadium putting together a pretty good show of cheering and chanting to bring home the win, while the Filly Fans got to sit there and take it (finally!).