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Nationals News: A Big Win Edition

  Yes, the Nats' win yesterday was just one win, but it was a win against the Phillies, and it was a win after a close game -- definitely a win to build on. As FJB points out, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine the Nats being above .500 after this series with the Mets.

Nationals News

  Guzman isn't happy to be a utility player, but he does seem to be handling the transition well.

  Matt Capps got the save yesterday, after a double by Chase Utley and an intentional walk to Ryan Howard. He's throwing the best he's thrown since spring training, according to Jim Riggleman... presumably he means the best he's thrown since the Nats got him, because he had a pretty bad spring.

  The Nats Blog previews the Nats' series with the Mets.

  Ian Desmond has "got it," according to Willie Harris. I look forward to seeing him play more.

  Scott Olsen is pitching today in Syracuse.

  Check out Willie Harris in an Elvis wig!

  Pitching coach Steve McCatty was unhappy with the Nats' walk totals, having issued 17 free passes in the first two games.

Non-Nationals News

  Hank Aaron says that batters try too hard to hit home runs. But chicks dig the long ball!

  Umpire Joe West says that the Yankees and Red Sox slow play is "a disgrace to baseball."

  Jayson Stark argues against divisional realignment.