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New York Mets Hit 4 HR's, Beat Washington Nationals 8-2.

• "Quick" Recap:

• Mets' righty Mike Pelfey left one up for Ian Desmond, who hit a two-out, two-run triple in the top of the second to put Washington up 2-0 over New York Friday night in Citi Field, and Nats' starter, right-hander Garrett Mock, came back out after a long 29-pitch first and gave up a solo shot in the first AB of the second, hanging a belt-high 1-1 change up and inside to Jeff "Frenchy" Francoeur who sends it sailing out to left against the wind to cut the Nationals' lead in half at 2-1 DC after three. Mock didn't make it out of the fourth. The 26-year-old right-hander and his 39-year-old catcher, Pudge Rodriguez, decide how to work Mets' backstop Rod Barajas, pounding the 35-year-old veteran catcher inside, until Mock leaves a 1-2 heater up in the zone and Barajas' solo shot to left ties it at 2-2. After his second one-out walk of the fourth, Mock's lifted for Miguel Batista, who gets Alex Cora to ground into a 4-6-3 DP to end the top of the fourth with the score tied at 2-2. 

• Garrett Mock's Line: 3.1 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 5 BB, 3 K's, 2 HR, 84 pitches, 44 strikes, 2 GO/4 FO.

• Batista's still on the mound in the sixth when the Nats' blow the lead. Rod Barajas takes what's Gameday calls a cut fastball up high and inside and lines it to right for his second HR of the night, 3-2 Mets after six. Jason Bergmann gives up a HR to David Wright, that the wind rejects, and Wright's held at second when his home run trot's a bit premature, and when Bergmann gets Jason Bay swinging at a full-count fastball that sinks under his bat, it looks as if the Nats' might escape down only one. Nats' Skipper Jim Riggleman goes to the pen for left-hander Jesse English with Mike Jacobs due up, so Mets' Skipper Jerry Manuel counters with right-hander Fernando Tatis, who singles under a diving Ryan Zimmerman on the first pitch he sees, to score Wright from second and make it 4-2 NY. Riggleman goes to the pen for Tyler Walker, who hangs the first pitch he throws, a slider to Francoeur, who hits his second HR and puts the Mets up 6-2. Three straight singles, two of them RBI singles in the eighth off of Walker and the Mets take an 8-2 lead that holds up through the top of the ninth. 

•  Final Score: Mets 8, Nationals 2. 

• Miss The Game? The DC Faithful Were Watching...

• For The Completists, Full Game Report After The Jump...

Nationals now 1-3. 

• Full Game Report: 

1 - Nyjer Morgan lines out to center field on a 1-1 fastball from Mets' righty Mike Pelfrey. Willie Harris grounds out to short, Ruben Tejada makes the play. Ryan Zimmerman send a line drive out to right, and Jeff Francoeur closes his glove on the top of the first...Garrett Mock gets a line drive to right out of Angel Pagan that Willie Harris handles. A full count fastball to Alex Cora's popped out to right too. David Wright lays off a 1-2 change, works the count full and takes a walk to get Jason Bay up. Bay sends a high chopper to third that Ryan Zimmerman can only knock down. Mike Jacobs takes a 2-2 curve, and the count is full again. Mock pops him up, Adam Dunn gets under it and it falls in the oversized glove.

2 - Adam Dunn works the count full and walks. Josh WIllingham's introduced to Mike Pelfrey's new pitch, a splitter that fools Hammer for a swinging strike three. Adam Kennedy lines out to right field and Francoeur. Pudge Rodriguez keeps the Nats' second alive for Ian Desmond with a two-out single. Desmond rips a line drive to left, and Jason Bay can't get there, diving and missing, turning it into a two-run triple. 2-0 Nats. Mock grounds to short and heads to the mound...2-0 Nats...Mock hangs a slider to Francoeur and it's GONE. 2-1 Nats. Rod Barajas flies out to center, and Morgan. Ruben Tejada grounds out to short. Mike Pelfey rips a liner to short, and Desmond misses the backhand stab. Pagan pops out to second to end the frame.

3 - Nyjer Morgan leads off the third. Mike Pelfrey barehands the weak grounder and throws to first. Pelfrey, of course, walks the next batter, Willie Harris. Ryan Zimmerman chases what is apparently a nasty splitter from Pelfrey into the dirt for a swinging strike three. Adam Dunn works another walk, but Willingham flies out to center, 2-1 after two and a half...After a leadoff walk to Alex Cora, Garrett Mock drops a 1-2 curve on David Wright to get a swinging K. Jason Bay K's on a curve that drops in over his hip for a called strike three. Mock walks Jacobs with two down, Mock gets a groundout from Frenchy to end the Mets' third.

4 - After an Adam Kennedy groundout, Pudge hits his second single, this one to the gap in right. Ian Desmond works the count full and takes a one-out walk. Garrett Mock tries to bunt with two strikes, but hits it foul for strike three. Nyjer Morgan with two on, two out. Grounder to second, Alex Cora dives and gets it and gets the throw to first, three down. Still 2-1 DC...Rod Barajas gets a 1-2 fastball inside and over the plate at the knees and he drives it to right to tie the game with one swing. 2-2. Ruben Tejada walks in the next AB. Mike Pelfrey K's trying to bunt after the ump misses a HBP on his elbow. Angel Pagan takes a 3-0 pitch for a strike, and takes ball four inside on the next pitch. Miguel Batista gets the call, Mock's done. Batista gets a grounder to short from Alex Cora, to Desmond, to Kennedy to Dunn, double play! 2-2 after four. 

5 - Willie Harris leads off the fifth, trying to bunt his way on, but Alex Cora makes the play and the toss to first. Ryan Zimmerman flies out to center for Pagan. Adam Dunn walks. Sorry, habit. Dunn pops up toward third, Wright runs across the infield from the shift to make the sliding catch in foul territory off third...David Wright grounds the first pitch to third, Zimmerman throws him out. Batista walks Bay, and Adam Kennedy drops a DP grounder from Mike Jacobs, but gets the out at first. Jeff Francoeur flies out to right, and Willie Harris fights the wind to grab it. 

6 - David Wright backs up and misses a backhand stab at a Willingham chopper, Hammer to second, and he takes third on a pop-out from Adam Kennedy. Pelfrey shatters Pudge's bat and gets a weak grounder to third for the second out. Ian Desmond K's swinging, inning over. 2-2 tie...Rod Barajas does it again. HR to left, 3-2 Mets. Willie Harris charges in against the wind to rob Ruben Tejada. Nyjer Morgan tracks down a fly ball from pinch hitter Gary Matthews, Jr. Angel Pagan pops out to left, 3-2 Mets after six. 

7 - Hisanori Takahashi takes over for NY in the seventh and gets pinch hitter Mike Morse swinging through a screwball. Nasty. Nyjer Morgan grounds out to first, Jacobs has it. Willie Harris grounds to first, and it's 3-2 Mets after seven...Bergmann gets a groundout from Alex Cora to short to start the Mets' seventh. David Wright gets hold of slider that everyone in the park thinks is gone, but it falls in and off the wall as he trots into second. Jason Bay K's swinging through a low heater. Bergmann's done. Jesse English on to face Jacobs. Lefty vs Lefty. Or not, Jerry Manuel pinch hits for Jacobs with Fernando Tatis, who singles under Zimmerman and into left to score Wright, 4-2 Mets. Tyler Walker takes over and gives up HR on the first pitch, Frenchy goes deeep to left and GONE. 2 pitches, 2 HR's, Frenchy's is a two-run blast. 6-2 Mets. Rod Barajas pops out to end it. 

8 - Ryan Zimmerman grounds out to short to start the eighth. Fernando Nieve vs Dunn. Adam Dunn fouls strike three into Rod Barajas' glove. Two down. Adam Kennedy grounds out to short, 6-2 NY after seven and a half...Ruben Tejada singles to center off Walker to start the eighth. Frank Catalanotto flies out to center. Angel Pagan reaches down for a change and lines it to short right. Alex Cora singles through second to score Tejada, 7-2 Mets, Pagan takes third. David Wright grounds deep in the hole at short and Desmond has no play when he drops it, Pagan scores, Wright safe. 8-2 NY. Jason Bay gets punched out by the first base Ump. Two down. Tatis K's. 

9 - Rookie right-hander Jenrri Mejia gets groundouts from Pudge Rodriguez, Ian Desmond and Willy Taveras and it's over. Mets win, 8-2. 

Nationals now 1-3.