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Nationals News: He's Coming...

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  Jeff Bergin describes what it was like to see Stephen Strasburg in Syracuse last Friday.

  Jason Marquis will make his first rehab start on Tuesday at A Potomac. If it goes well, he could pitch one more rehab start and then return to the major league team.

  The Nationals called up Doug Slaten, who has pitched 17 scoreless innings at Syracuse, and DFA'd Matt Chico, though that was a "paper move only" according to Mike Rizzo.

  The Nats hosted their 5th annual Dream Foundation Gala this weekend.

  MLBTR wonders if the Nationals could be trade deadline buyers, and if so, where they could use the help.

  There are only three teams with fewer runs scored than the Nats; those teams have a combined record of 36-54.

  Tyler Clippard has pitched more innings than any other reliever, prompting FJB to wonder if he's being used too much.

  Past a Diving Vidro looks back at the 2006 draft, featuring Chris Marrero.

  The Nationals Enquirer has some video of Stephen Strasburg's Syracuse debut.

Around the League...

  Dallas Braden threw a perfect game against the Rays on Sunday, just the 19th in major league history.

  Nick Johnson was placed on the DL with a right wrist injury. Surprised?