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Nationals News: Projected for 83 Wins

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The Nats are now projected to be an 83-win team, and have a 23.8% chance of making the playoffs. They're also now the sole owners of second place in the NL East.

  The Nats proved last night that they can win without Tyler Clippard and Matt Capps. Unfortunately, it wasn't an easy win, and those two will likely have to sit again in the near future.

 The Nats' bullpen has begun "Shoe Shine Sunday," where the relievers take turns shining each others' shoes.

  Mike Rizzo told Brian Bruney that he wanted him to be the pitcher he drafted -- a fastball thrower with confidence.

  There should be more people at Nationals games.

  Jim Bowden says that the Nats will take Bryce Harper with their first pick.

  John Lannan will take his turn this coming Thursday after missing his last start with elbow discomfort.

  The Nats are tied for most single-run victories in the majors, thanks mostly to clutch hitting and solid relief work.

  The Nationals are now four games above .500, for the first time since September 17, 2005.

  FJB wonders if winning one-run games is a repeatable skill.

  Tyler Clippard is a pretty goofy guy, and he's also tied for the major league lead in wins.

Around the League...

  Senator Robert Menendez is urging the Major League Baseball Players' Association to boycott the 2011 All-Star game in Phoenix due to what he calls codified racial profiling.

  Ken Griffey Jr. fell asleep in the clubhouse and missed a pinch hitting opportunity. Where's the 5-hour energy!

  In addition to scouting players, teams are starting to scout umpires.