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Game 33: Bullpen FAIL illustrated

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  • Early Hope: Adam Dunn (+0.126) hits a three-run bomb to give the Nats an early lead (+0.193).
  • Solid Outing: Scott Olsen (+0.132) pitches 5.1 innings with 2 ER, 2 K, 1BB.  What could go wrong?
  • Everything Goes Wrong: Tyler Clippard (-0.704) compensates for an entire season of lucky breaks in one outing, this time scoring some of his own runners as well as inherited ones to blow a three-run lead and put the Nats behind in the aeyth while only recording one out.
  • The Usual Failures: Brian Bruney (-0.177) records no outs and sets up the disaster Clip cashed in, while Miguel Batista (-0.008) finally got out of the Inning of Doom after walking in an insurance run.