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The Washington Nationals' Epic Bullpen Fail, New York Mets Win 8-6.

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Tonight's Top 5:

5. 3-0!! Sneaky Donkey!!! Adam Dunn's up with runners on the corners in the top of the first after Ryan Zimmerman follows Cristian Guzman's one-out walk with a line drive single that moves the veteran infielder from first to third. Dunn takes three fastballs from Mets' lefty Jon Niese that fail to find the zone then gets the green light from Nats' Skipper Jim Riggleman to swing at the 3-0 offering which ends up tucked a few feet inside the right field foul pole and just over the wall for a 3-run HR, Dunn's 7th of the season, and a 3-0 Nationals' lead, which would hold up for seven innings...

4. Cristian Guzman Walks Twice In One Game, Fans Fear World Ending. Batting second and starting there, the Nats' 32-year-old veteran infielder, Cristian Guzman, walks twice in one game for the first time since April 18, 2008 when he decided not to single and took two free passes on the road from the Florida Marlins. Two games before that on April 16th '08, Guzman walked twice in a game against the same Mets he faced tonight...And on June 13, 2007, Guzman walked three times in one game, imagine that. So what Mets fans saw tonight was just the fourth game since June '07 that Guzman's taken more than one walk. Special night. Guzman goes 2 for 3 with 2 walks and 2 runs scored tonight. 

3. Pudge Is Clutch: Mets' lefty Jon Niese gives up a leadoff double to Cristian Guzman and a walk to Ryan Zimmerman to start the Nats' fifth, then walks Josh Willingham with one down to load the bases for Pudge Rodriguez, who lines to left center to score two and make it 5-1 Nats!!! Niese is done for the night. Pudge continues to come through in the thing we'd call "the clutch" if we believed in the stuff...

2. Scott Olsen's Unshakeable 'Til Lifted: The Nats' 26-year-old left-hander Scott Olsen holds the Mets to 2 runs on 9 hits in 5.1 IP, leaving the game in the sixth with one out and David Wright on third and after a leadoff double to right by Wright and a flyout to center by Mets' first baseman Ike Davis...(cont. in no.1)

Olsen's night til then...After a 1-2-3 first, Olsen gives up a run in the second on a two-out single by Jeff Francoeur after back-to-back singles and a DP grounder had started the frame. In the third a leadoff single by the opposing pitcher is erased when Angel Pagan grounds into a 6-4-3 DP, Desmond to Guzman to Dunn. In the fourth Olsen allows a one-out single and a one-out walk to Jason Bay and Wright, respectively, then strikes out Ike Davis and Jeff Francoeur to strand two more Mets. In the fifth, three of the first four batters Olsen faces single before he pops up Jose Reyes and Jason Bay to leave the bases loaded with the Nats up 6-1. 82 pitches, 55 for strikes, 7 groundouts, 6 flyouts, and unfortunately, no decison...

1. What Lead? 12 Batters, 6 runs in 8th. (cont. from no.2) The Nats are up 6--2 when Jeff Francoeur's sac fly scores David Wright from third after his leadoff double off Olsen in the sixth. Nats' right-hander Tyler Walker, who replaced Olsen and gave up the sac fly to Frenchy, gets a pop up to the infield from Rod Barajas to end the sixth. Doug Slaten starts the seventh by surrendering a leadoff walk and a single before a 4-6-3 DP and a fly ball to center off Jose Reyes' bat end the frame. Nats' right-hander Brian Bruney starts the eighth on the mound and throws a 2-0 fastball to Jason Bay that ends up rolling into Nyjer Morgan's glove in center. David Wright hits a 95mph 0-2 fastball to right and off the wall, second and third, no outs. 6-2 Nats. Ike Davis grounds toward short, Ian Desmond bounces the throw to first, and Adam Dunn comes up empty. Bay scores, 6-3. Nats' skipper Jim Riggleman didn't want to use Tyler Clippard, but he does, in the middle of an inning again, and Clippard follows the pattern, striking out Jeff Francoeur then allowing a two-run double by Barajas, 6-5, back-to-back singles by Alex Cora and Angel Pagan, 6-6 and an RBI double by Chris Carter, 7-6, before Miguel Batista replaces Clippard and walks in the Mets' eighth run, 8-6.

12 batters, 6 runs. Bruney gives up 2 H, 3 R, 2 ER on just 7 pitches, 5 of them strikes. Tyler Clippard gets another blown save, gives up 4 hits and 3 ER while recording one out, throwing 14 pitches, 11 strikes. Miguel Batista needs 20 pitches to get the final 2 outs of the eighth, 8 strikes...Bullpen FAIL complete.

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• Mets win, 8-6.

Comment Battle Royal: Federal Baseball: 1,025,  Amazin' Avenue: 1,312.

Washington Nationals now 18-15.


1 - Nyjer Morgan dives into first base headfirst and is a step late to beat Jon Niese to the bag. One down. Cristian Guzman takes a rare walk and hustles around to third on Ryan Zimmerman's line drive single. Adam Dunn's swinging at a 3-0 pitch from Niese and he takes it deeep to right and over the high wall in the corner. 3-0 Nats early. Josh Willingham K's looking. Pudge Rodriguez pops out behind second. 3-0 Nats after a half...Scott Olsen gets a fly ball to center from Angel Pagan for the first out. Luis Castillo flies to center for the second out. Jose Reyes grounds to third and Ryan Zimmerman throws him out. 

2 - Ian Desmond's first-pitch swinging and he grounds out to short. Willy Taveras follows with a one-out single to center and he takes second on a sac bunt from Olsen. Nyjer Morgan walks with two down to put two on for Cristian Guzman, who walks to load the bases for Ryan Zimmerman, who grounds into a force at second. Still 3-0 Nats....Jason Bay lines to left on a fastball up and over the plate for a leadoff single. David Wright hits a low liner off Scott Olsen's ankle and there are two on with no outs. Ike Davis grounds to the mound, Olsen to Desmond to Dunn, double play. Jeff Francoeur lines to left to score Bay, 3-1 Nats. Frenchy's caught off first but Dunn drops it and Francoeur's safe at second. Rod Barajas' groundout to second ends the frame. 3-1 Nats

3 - Adam Dunn K's looking at a fastball from Niese. A fly ball to center from Willingham ends up in Pagan's glove and there are two out. Pudge Rodriguez pops out behind second, Luis Castillo sprints back and gets there...Jon Niese drops a leadoff single in short center to start the Mets' third. Angel Pagan grounds to short, Desmond, to Guzman to Dunn, double play. Luis Castillo grounds to second, 3-1 Nats after three. 

4 - Ian Desmond grounds out to short to start the fourth. Willy Taveras gets a grounder under Castillo at second for a one-out single to right. Scott Olsen bunts back to the mound and Niese takes out the lead runner at second. Nyjer Morgan rips one to short, Reyes backhands it on one hop and pops up to throw to first, in time...Jose Reyes flies out to center, Morgan with the catch. Jason Bay takes a 2-2 slider to left for a one-out single. Wright up, Bay swipes second. David Wright walks on a low full-count slider. Ike Davis K's swinging through a fastball that drops across the plate. Two down. Jeff Francoeur K's looking at a fastball down the pipe. 3-1 Nats after four. 

5 - Cristian Guzman lines to right and takes second when Angel Pagan misplays it. Ryan Zimmerman takes a walk to put two on for Adam Dunn. Backwards K on a knee-high fastball. Josh Willingham walks with one down to load the bases for Pudge. Pudge Rodriguez does it again, line drive to left center, Zim and Hammer score. Niese is done. 5-1 Nats. Manny Acosta on in relief. Desmond lines to left, Willingham scores, 6-1 Nats! WIlly Taveras draws a walk. Scott Olsen up with the bases loaded. Backwards K. Two down.  Nyjer Morgan lines to left, Bay gets there. 6-1 Nats in the fifth...Rod Barajas pops up to short center and Guzman and Morgan let it drop between them for a single. Gary Matthews, Jr. lines to right for a pinch hit single. Barajas takes second. Angel Pagan flies out to Nyjer Morgan for the first out. Luis Castillo lines to left to load the bases. Jose Reyes up with one out. Reyes flies out to short right, two down. Jason Bay flies to center, Morgan makes the catch on the track! 6-1 Nats after five. 

6 - Cristian Guzman starts the sixth with a line drive single through short. Ryan Zimmerman vs Hisanori Takahashi. Zim beats out the backend of the DP grounder he hits to short, safe at first. Adam Dunn flies out to right field. Hammer flies out to Pagan in left center and it's 6-1 Nats in the sixth...David Wright lines to right to start the Mets' sixth, and he slides in safely at second with a double. Ike Davis lines out to Morgan in center. Wright advances to third. Scott Olsen is done. Tyler Walker gives up a sac fly to Francoeur that scores Wright. 6-2. Rod Barajas pops out behind third to end the sixth. 6-2 Nats. 

7 - David Wright throws out Pudge Rodriguez on a grounder to third. Hisanori Takahashi gets the second out on a fly ball to center from Ian Desmond. Willy Taveras grounds out to end the Nats' seventh, still 6-2...Alex Cora vs Tyler Walke--nope, Doug Slaten is coming on. Slaten walks Cora. Angel Pagan up next. Single to left. Luis Castillo grounds to second, Guzman to Desmond to Dunn, double play!! Two down. Jose Reyes flies out to Morgan in right-center, 6-2 Nats after seven. 

8 - Raul Valdez starts the eighth on the mound for New York and gives up a single on the first pitch he throws to Alberto Gonzalez. Nyjer Morgan takes a two-strike fastball for a called strike three. Cristian Guzman grounds out to third, Gonzalez takes second, two down. Ryan Zimmerman takes the intentional walk in front of Dunn. Adam Dunn up when a wild pitch moves both runners into scoring position. Dunn grounds out to second. 6-2 Nats in the eighth...Jason Bay will face the New Brian Bruney. Ground ball to center, single. David Wright doubles to right, second and third with no outs. Tyler Clippard's warming quickly. Ike Davis grounds to short to score Bay, 6-3, and Ian Desmond's throw to first bounces, Dunn misses it. Two on, no outs. Tyler Clippard on to face Francoeur. Clippard throws the fastball by Frenchy upstairs!!! One out. Rod Barajas flies to left and deeeep and off the wall. Two runs score, Barajas with a two-run double, 6-5. Alex Cora drops a bunt down the third base line, Clippard just holds it. First and third. Angel Pagan lines to right and it falls in front of Taveras. 6-6 game. Pinch hitter Chris Carter lines to right over Dunn, RBI double, 7-6 Mets. Clippard out. Miguel Batista walks Jose Reyes to try for the DP, but instead walks Bay to force in a run. 8-6 Mets. David Wright K's swinging, two down. Ike Davis flies to deeeep right, and's called foul. Ike Davis flies out to center. 

9 - Francisco Rodriguez gets a fly ball out from Willingham with one pitch. Pudge grounds out to short. Two down. Ian Desmond pops up foul of first, and Ike Davis makes the play as he falls in the Mets' dugout. Mets win, 8-6 final.