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Nationals' National League League Leaders!

Once in a while I like to trawl through the various leader boards on baseball-reference and cull out notable Nationals, sometimes to illustrate a point about team performance, but usually just for fun.  As of last night, there were a few standouts:

  • STOP, THIEF! Nyjer Morgan is tied for 4th in the league in steals (8), but 2nd in the league in caught stealing (6). On a happier note, he leads the league in triples (5) and is tied for 6th in HBP (3--a list that Chase Utley is curiously absent from).
  • Three true outcomes: Adam Dunn is tied for 7th in HR (7), is 4th in walks (24), and tied for 7th in strikeouts (36).
  • Vulture power: Tyler Clippard is tied for first in the league in wins (6), and tied for 3rd in W/L percentage (0.857 for his 6-1).
  • Crafty old guys rule: Livan Hernandez is: 2nd in ERA (1.04), shutouts (1), and ERA+ (407); 3rd in hits per 9 IP (6.02), and complete games (1); 4th in WHIP (0.992); tied for 6th in wins (4); 7th in win-percentage added (1.3); and tied for 8th in W/L (0.800).  He's also tied for 1st in pitcher assists (12) and tied for 5th in sacrifice hits (4).
  • Crocodile! Dunn is 4th in putouts (270), 2nd in Errors as a 1B (3) and tied for first in games at 1B (33).

More tidbits, illustrative and amusing, after the jump.


  • Pudge = fuego: Ivan Rodriguez, although lacking enough PA to qualify for the batting titles, is 2nd in batting average (.383), 7th in singles (26), and 10th in sac flies (2).  He's also 2nd in GDPs (8).  But on the better side, he has 8th most AB between Ks (8.5).
  • Peter Franchise: In limited playing time so far, Ryan Zimmerman is 6th in SLG (.667), 3rd in doubles (11), 6th in XBH (17--tied with Pujols, among others) and intentional walks (6), and has 9th fewest AB between HR (14.0).
  • Freddie Fizical: In addition to what I mentioned above, Dunn0r is tied for 10th in AB per HR (16.0)
  • Hammer time! Josh Willingham is 5th in walks (23), 9th in "power-speed" (4.8--this is an index that measures how good your are at being 2006 Alfonso Soriano: you need both HR and SB), and 6th in win percentage added (1.3--remember all those late-game RBI?).
  • Warhorses: Dunn and Hammer both have 33 games played, tied for 2nd most in the league.
  • TRIPLEZ!! In addition to Morgan's 5, Cristian Guzman and Ian Desmond each have 2, putting them in the scrum tied for 10th.  This is, I think, the only hitting category where the Nationals lead the league (tied with the Mets), with 12 team-wide.

Aside from the pleasantly-surprising Pudge, I think we're seeing about what we'd expect here.


  • Clipp, Save & Lose: Clippard, Matt Capps and Brian Bruney are tied for 7th most appearances (17).
  • Still #1: Capps still has the most saves (13) and is second in games finished (16).  His many high-leverage appearances have also helped him to 3rd in win percentage added (1.6).
  • Shades of Daniel Cabrera: Despite more than half of the season on the DL, Jason Marquis is still tied for third in HBP (3).

The late-game performance is still surprising (and last night was a painful reminder of how fragile it is), and it certainly can't last (as with Livan's freakishly good start above).  The disappointment from Marquis reminds us how shallow the rotation still is.


  • Nice job, rook--don't get cocky: Ian Desmond is tied for 4th in assists (94--which is first in assists among SS) and 1st in errors (6).  As a SS, he's 2nd in total zone runs (4), and 3rd in range (2.99 RF/9). He's also 3rd in games at SS (30), so good on Riggles for figuring out where he should be.
  • Hammer time (2)! Josh "Ol' Reliable" Willingham is tied for first in games at LF (33), first in LF putouts (56), and tied for 4th in LF assists (2).  He also has a perfect FP (then again, so does Lastings Milledge).
  • Plush: Nyjer is tied for 4th in games at CF (32), tied for 3rd in CF putouts (79) and assists (2), and alone in first in errors (3).
  • Field your position! We mentioned Livan's lead in pitcher assists above, but Luis Atilano (Livan v2.0) is tied for 4th in pitcher putouts (5), despite a late start to the season.  Clip & Save are among the pitchers that still have a perfect FP.
  • And the best 3B is... Alberto Gonzalez is 2nd in total zone runs as a 3B (4).  Zimmy must have missed good chances while he was out!  He's still 2nd in range factor (3.2 RF/9) and FP (.970) as a 3B.

It's nice to see Ian Desmond and Josh Willingham showing up as decent-to-above-average fielders. I think the only reason we're not seeing Zimmy higher is because of limited playing time and Gonzo getting some fluky small-sample love.  Let's hope Nyjer picks up a little.