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Nationals News: It's Getting Better all the Time

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  Thomas Boswell says that the Nationals are a "franchise on the rise."

  Nationals Park attendance has held fairly steady, but their ratings on MASN are up.

  Scott Olsen was upset when he was pulled from the game on Tuesday, but there are no hard feelings between him and Jim Riggleman. Nats Insider has the transcript from the interviews with Riggleman and Olsen.

 Roy Halladay got a no decision yesterday, meaning Tyler Clippard leads the majors in wins (7). He's on pace to win 33 games this season, far more than the current record for wins by a reliever (18, set by Elroy Face of the Pirates in 1959).

  It's official: Jason Marquis will have elbow surgery on Friday to remove bone chips and is expected to miss two months.

  Stephen Strasburg no-hit the AAA Norfolk Tides over six innings, being pulled due to his inning limit.

  Curt Schilling says that Stephen Strasburg could be the best in the major leagues right now. He says between Strasburg's stuff and his command, he's "never seen anything like it."

  This New York Post article is worth reading if only because of the headline: "Unknown beats K-Rod and Co."

  Stephen Strasburg just keeps saying the right things: he's having fun, you have to have a professional attitude, you have to help the team, etc.

Around the League...

  Ken Burns is continuing his nine-part "Baseball" series, releasing the "Tenth Inning" on September 28 and 29, right before the playoffs. I'm very excited about this.

  Tim Wakefield earned his 2,000th strikeout against Vernon Wells.

  The Phillies were again accused of attempting to steal signs, this time using a pair of binoculars from their bullpen.