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Washington Nationals 14-6 Over The Colorado Rockies In The Rain.

• Mile High Top Five: 

5. THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!! THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!!!: Rockies' right-hander Jhoulys Chacin gives up a one-out single to Adam Kennedy on a 1-2 change in the first, and then hangs a 2-2 slider inside to Ryan Zimmer--What? Zimmerman's 7th HR of the year goes out to left in a hurry and gives the Nats a 2-0 lead after a half-inning. In the top of the fifth, Zimmerman's up with two on and two out after Nyjer Morgan's RBI single scores Ian Desmond to make it 3-0 Washington and Adam Kennedy's single sends Morgan around to third, but they all trot in when Zim gets a 1-1 change up high and inside from Chacin and sends it out to left for a three-run blast and a 6-0 Nats' lead after four and a half. 

4. Two-Out Walks, Fine. Leadoff Walk. Bad. After issuing two-out walks in the second and third which did no harm, Nats' lefty John Lannan gave up a leadoff double and a walk to Troy Tulowitzki and Todd Helton, respectivley, in the fourth before retiring the next three batters without a run crossing. In the fifth, however, the Rockies finally got to the Nats' starter, who was returning after missing a start with inflammation in his elbow. A leadoff walk to Ryan Spilborghs, a run-scoring triple by Carlos Gonzalez and three-straight two-out singles result in three runs, and Miguel Batista replaces Lannan and surrenders another run on the fourth single in a row for the Rockies leaving it 6-4 Nationals after five innings. 

3. Desmond Does It All!!! Ian Desmond ends the first inning diving to get to a sharp grounder up the middle by Brad Hawpe, then Desmond doubles to right with one out in the fifth, hustling around to second in front of Dexter Folwer's throw and scoring on Nyjer Morgan's RBI single. In the sixth Desmond's sac fly puts Washington up 7-4 after Colorado had rallied for four runs in the bottom of the fifth. A double play in the sixth, Kennedy to Desmond to Dunn. After Dunn doubles to start the eighth, Josh Willingham singles, and Pudge Rodriguez bunts both of them into scoring position for Roger Bernadina, who gets the intentional walk in front of Desmond, who singles in a run and scores on Cristian Guzman's three-run single. The Nats' 24-year-old shortstop goes 2 for 3, with a double, his 6th,  2 runs scored and 2 RBI's, his 16th and 17th in 34 games. 

2. Doug Slaten Stops The Rain--, Uh, Bleeding...Miguel Batista replaces Lannan in the fifth, gets Washington through the sixth, and then gives up a two-run HR to Miguel Olivo in the seventh to make it 7-6 Nationals with one out and the Rockies attempting to rally. Nats' Skipper Jim Riggleman calls upon left-handed reliever Doug Slaten, who strikes out Ian Stewart, surrenders a single to Clint Barmes and then retires Melvin Mora who flies out to Roger Bernadina in right.  

1. The Guzzzzzz!!! A thirty-five minute delay before the start, then seven rain-soaked innings on the bench before Cristian Guzman's called upon to hit with the bases loaded and The Guzzzzz delivers with a base-clearing double that makes it 11-6 Nats. 14-6 final.

• Miss The Game? The DC Faithful Were Watching...

• Nats win, 14-6 final. 

Nationals now 20-15. 


1 - Rockies' right-hander Jhoulys Chacin gets a groundout to first from the Nats' leadoff man, Nyjer Morgan. Adam Kennedy lines to right and a diving Brad Hawpe fails to come up with it. Chachin hangs a slider up inside to Ryan Zimmerman and he pulls it all the way to left and inside the foul pole, two-run HR, 2-0 Nats. Adam Dunn grounds out to short. Josh Willingham lines to left, 2-0 Nationals after a half...John Lannan pops Carlos Gonzalez up, Zimmerman gets under it and makes the catch. Roger Bernadina tracks and catches a flyout from Dexter Fowler. Ian Desmond gets to a grounder up the middle off Brad Hawpe's bat and throws him out to end the first. 

2 - Troy Tulowitzki makes a diving play at short to rob Pudge Rodriguez. Roger Bernadina goes around but the Ump says he checked his swing on a full-count pitch from Chacin. One-out walk. Ian Desmond pops out to first. John Lannan grounds into a force at second. 2-0 Nats...Troy Tulowitzki grounds out to short, Ian Desmond with the throw. Adam Dunn bobbles a grounder from Todd Helton, and makes a low throw but gets him. Lannan walks the Rockies' catcher Miguel Olivo. Single to center by Ian Stewart, but Lannan pops up Clint Barmes to end his second scoreless frame. 

3 - Nyjer Morgan rolls a grounder to short, one down in the third. Jhoulys Chacin's first K comes from Adam Kennedy, who chases a two-strike change outside. Ryan Zimmerman takes a 2-2 curve for a called strike three from Chacin...John Lannan hustles over to first to cover on the grounder to Dunn. Carlos Gonzalez grounds out to Desmond at short. Dexter Fowler walks with two down. Lannan gets a weak grounder to third from Brad Hawpe and gets a trademark charging play from the FOF to end the third. 

4 - Adam Dunn grounds out to Tulowitzki in the shift, and Josh Willingham grounds out to third. Pudge Rodriguez makes Chacin work, but eventually grounds out to third...Troy Tulowitzki sends a liner skipping over the wet grass to the wall in left for a leadoff double. Todd Helton takes a one-out walk. Lannan gets Miguel Olivo swinging for the first out of the inning. Ian Stewart flies out to right field. Two down. Clint Barmes pops up behind first, Kennedy gets there. 2-0 Nats after four. 

5 - Roger Bernadina flies out to Dexter Fowler to start the fifth. Ian Desmond hits a line drive to right center and beats Dexter Fowler's throw in to second, sliding in safe. John Lannan's groundout moves Desmond to third. Nyjer Morgan lines to right and it falls in front of Hawpe. Desmond scores. 3-0 Nats. Adam Kennedy lines a single over short. Morgan takes third. Ryan Zimmerma---THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!!! THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!!! 3-run HR, 6-0 Nats. 6-0 Nats!! Adam Dunn K's swinging, 6-0 Nats after four and a half...Ryan Spilborghs takes a leadoff walk. Not even Roger Bernadina can get to Carlos Gonzalez's RBI triple to the gap in right. 6-1 Nats. Adam Kennedy catches a liner to second from Dexter Fowler. Ian Desmond catches a liner from Hawpe. Troy Tulowitzki finally scores Gonzalez with a line drive single to center, 6-2 Nats. Tulo takes second on Todd Helton's single and scores on Miguel Olivo's line drive to center, 6-3 Nationals. Lannan's done. Miguel Batista's on and the Rockies get a fourth straight two-out hit from Ian Stewart singles Helton in with a sharp liner to left. 6-4. Barmes flies out, 6-4 Nats after five. 

6 - Right-hander Esmil Rogers takes over for the Rockies. Josh Willingham starts the sixth with a single. Pudge Rodriguez grounds into a force at second, but the DP throw goes by first. Roger Bernadina sends Pudge first to third on a single. Pudge scores when Ian Desmond flies out to center, 7-4 Nats. Batista K's...Esmil Rogers stays in to hit, and the relief pitcher singles. Carlos Gonzalez grounds to second, Adam Kennedy to Desmond to Dunn, double play. Batista walks Dexter Fowler with two down, but gets Brad Hawpe looking at a two-strike slider outside. Backwards K, 7-4 Nats after six. 

7 - Nyjer Morgan singles to start the seventh, and gets picked off first a pitch or two after almost getting caught. Adam Kennedy grounds off first and Helton, and Clint Barmes picks it up in time toss to the pitcher. Two down. Ryan Zimmerman goes down chasing a slider that ends the Nats seventh...Troy Tolowitzki flies out to Bernadina in right. One down. Todd Helton walks with one down, and Miguel Olivo makes him pay. Two-run HR to left, 7-6 Nats. Miguel Batista's done. Doug Slaten vs Ian Stewart with one down. Slaten gets a called strike three with a high two-strike slider. Clint Barmes hits a two-out single to center. Melvin Mora's on to pinch hit. Fly ball to right, Bernadina gets there. 7-6 Nats after seven. 

8 - Adam Dunn doubles to deep center and off the wall. Dunn's out for Willy Taveras. Josh Willingham rips a grounder to third, Ian Stewart stabs it and throws from his back, but Hammer beats it. Pudge Rodriguez bunts both runners over and the Rockies walk Roger Bernadina to bring up Desmond. RBI single to right, Desmond drops a liner in front of Hawpe, Taveras scores from third. 8-6 Nats!! Randy Flores comes on to face Cristian Guzman. Guzman gets one third, and it drops in, three runs score, 11-6 Nats!! Nyjer Morgan K's swinging. Adam Kennedy takes a two-out walk. Ryan Zimmerman drives Guzman in with a low line through third. 12-6 Nationals. Willy Taveras loads the bases with a single. Rafael Betancourt takes over for Flores. Willingham scores two more, 14-6 on a line drive double to left. Pudge Rodriguez K's to end the top of the frame...Brian Bruney gets Carlos Gonzalez swinging on three pitches. Dexter Fowler grounds out to first. Two down. Brad Hawpe K's swinging!! 14-6 Nats up. 

9 - Tarp.