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Nationals News: The "Looming Nationals Juggernaut"

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  The article isn't worth reading, but New York Magazine calls the Nationals a "juggernaut." Awesome.

  Chien-Ming Wang is now expected to arrive in the majors in July.

  Miguel Batista took a stand on Arizona's immigration law and suggested that the players' union might strike if Bud Selig doesn't do anything about the All-Star game next year.

  Stephen Strasburg is being given an extra day of rest before his next start, in accordance with GM Mike Rizzo's plan, to acclimate him to the rigors of pitching an entire season.

  Nationals Farm Authority takes a guess at Strasburg's Nationals debut.

  John Lannan may have been hindered by the Nationals' fourth-inning run explosion, forcing him to sit cold on the bench for quite a while.

  D.C. is seventh most miserable sports city.

  Nationals AAA infielder Seth Bynum has been suspended for 50 games after a test came back positive for amphetamines.

  In all the hubbub about Stephen Strasburg, it's easy to forget about Ryan Zimmerman, possibly the best offensive player in the NL, according to Nationals Baseball.

  Bryce Harper threw his bat on the way to first, getting close to hitting the home plate umpire. Not cool.

Around the League...

  Mark McGwire Highway is slated to become Mark Twain Highway, only requiring the Governor's signature to become official. I am in full support, given Mark Twain's status as my favorite author and Mark McGwire's phony apology on national television.

  Rockies Manager Jim Tracy is still upset about the Phillies' use of binoculars in the bullpen.

  Sleepgate update: Ken Griffey Jr.'s agent says that the sleeping report was published prematurely by the Tacoma News-Tribune.