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Game 37: Dunn giveth, Dunn taketh away

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  • Yaaaay! Adam Dunn (+0.033) goes yard to tie the game in the 6th (+0.149).
  • Booooo! Sean Burnett (-0.050) gives up the losing run (-0.176) on a throwing error by Ian Desmond (-0.149), which should have been an error on Adam Dunn.
  • H3r0: Roger Bernadina (+0.142) makes much more of a case for himself in RF going 2-3, including a 2-run double that put the Nationals within one (+0.166).
  • Hee-sop's foibles: Ian Desmond (-0.149) is 0-3, while Ryan Zimmerman (-0.076) is 1-4, but GDPs to empty the bases in front of Dunn's dinger (-0.123).