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New York Mets' Angel Pagan Hits Inside The Park HR, Turns Triple Play Against Washington Nationals.

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New York Mets' center fielder Angel Pagan hits an inside the park HR in the top of the fourth. A long fly ball to center turns Nats' CF Nyjer Morgan around and he leaps at the wall as the ball bounces off it and gets away from Morgan. Pagan keeps running, the throw comes in to Ian Desmond, who fires it home to Pudge Rodriguez, too late. 1-0 Mets on Nats' right-hander Livan Hernandez

Hernandez and Morgan are on with no outs after Livan lines a single to left and Nyjer Morgan takes a walk in the Nats' fifth. Mets' knuckler R.A. Dickey gets a fly to short center from Cristian Guzman, Angel Pagan isn't going to get ther-- he does, Pagan with the shoestring grab, but the runners were off, Pagan throws to second, but it gets by the bag, Henry Blanco picks it up at the mound, throws to Jose Reyes to Ike Davis, triple play. 8-2-6-3. 

2-1 Nats in the sixth...