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Washington Nationals Beat New York Mets, 5-3, Inside The Park HR, Triple Play, Drew Storen Wins; Stephen Strasburg Dominates Triple-A.

Tonight's Top 5:

5. HERO Status in Question? No score after 3.0 with Nats' right-hander Livan Hernandez starting against New York knuckler R.A. Dickey. Hernandez gets the first two outs of the fourth then gives up a long fly ball to center by Angel Pagan. Nyjer Morgan tries to track it but gets turned around, and Morgan leaps, as it falls over him, hits the wall and bounces into left center. Pagan beats the relay throw home from Ian Desmond to Pudge Rodriguez sliding in safe around the future Hall of Fame catcher. Inside the park HR...1-0 Mets after three and a half...

4. Livan Hernandez Can't Hold On: A half inning after the Mets get out to the 1-0 lead, the Nationals strike back with Josh Willingham singling in a run after a leadoff single to center by Cristian Guzman, line drive single to left by Ryan Zimmerman and a base-loading walk to Adam Dunn. 1-1 game. Roger Bernadina flies out to center one out later, and it's 2-1 Nats. The Mets load the bases in the top of the sixth on walks to Jason Bay and Angel Pagan, between which Livan surrenders a single to Ike Davis. Jeff Francoeur drills a 1-2 curve to left for an RBI sac fly and it's tied at 2-2 after six. Livan needs 91 pitches to get through the sixth, giving up 3 hits, 3 walks and 2 ER.  

3. Meanwhile, In Rochester, New York:

3. Stephen Strasburg's third start for the Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs ends after 6.1 IP, over which the 21-year-old right-hander throws 92 pitches, 60 for strikes, shutting the Rochester Red Wings out to complete his first 18.1 IP at Triple-A ball without allowing a run to cross. The Red Wings, (the Minnesota Twins' Triple-A affiliate), manage 3 hits, more than Strasburg's allowed in either of his other two starts for the Chiefs, and the Rochester batters walk twice, but Strasburg strikes out 9, and the Chiefs score 5 runs to support the '09 no.1 overall pick's third-straight win. Three starts into the Triple-A phase of Strasburg's development: (3-0), 3 GS, 18.1 IP, 4 H, 0 ER, 4 BB (1.96 BB/9), 22 K's (10.80 K/9), .068 BAA...Notes:'s Jonathan Mayo (@jonathanmayoB3):

"Strasburg's overall WHIP: 0.67. Nearly 5/1 K/BB ratio. 10.9 K/9. And a 2.60 Groundout to Airout ratio. That's just silly."

2. GDSTW!!! - Get Drew Storen The Win!!! - Back in DC, Livan Hernandez gives up a line drive single to Henry Blanco and a sac bunt to Alex Cora to put a runner on second with one down. Livan's done: 6.1 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, 3 BB, 2 K's, 1 HR, 94 pitches, 56 strikes, 8 groundouts, 7 flyouts. The Nationals replace the 35-year veteran of 15 MLB seasons and 420 starts with Washington's second '09 1st Round pick, right-hander Drew Storen, who makes his second appearance with the Nats' after his MLB debut Monday in St. Louis...Jose Reyes lines to short on a 95mph 1-1 fastball. One down. Luis Castillo rips a 95 mph 3-1 fastball to short, Ian Desmond throws to first, Storen gets the Nats through the seventh with the score tied at 2-2. 

Roger Bernadina doubles to start the Nats' seventh off Mets' left-hander Raul Valdes. Ian Desmond's professional groundout to second moves Bernadina to third. Adam Kennedy up, SQUEEZE!!! Bernadina breaks home on a pitchout with Kennedy squared, and the veteran infielder lunges forward to get his bat on the pitch and break up the play. Kennedy saves the day. Sac fly to center, Bernadina scores, 3-2 Nats. Nyjer Morgan walks and scores on Cristian Guzman's triple. Ryan Zimmerman singles in Guzman. 5-2 Nats. Drew Storen in line for the W...

Tyler Clippard gets a fly ball out out of Jason Bay and strikes out Ike Davis and Angel Pagan to end the eighth. 5-2 Nats. Matt Capps surrenders a solo shot by Fernando Tatis, but that's it, 15 for 15 in saves on the season for the Nats' closer, and the future closer gets the win, Drew Storen's first in the Majors!! Someone get Storen the Silver Elvis Wig!! (courtesy of Nats Enquirer). 

1. Triple Play: And here it is, and it's bad. Livan Hernandez and Nyjer Morgan are on with no outs after Livan lines a single to left and Nyjer Morgan takes a walk in the Nats' fifth. Mets' knuckler R.A. Dickey gets a fly to short center from Cristian Guzman, Angel Pagan isn't going to get ther--but he does, Pagan makes an impossible running shoestring grab, both the runners were off, Pagan throws to second, and it gets by the bag, Mets' backstop Henry Blanco picks it up at the mound, throws to Jose Reyes to Ike Davis, triple play. 8-2-6-3. 

Historical Notes: As announced everywhere during the game, it's the first time a player's been able to hit an inside the park HR and involve himself in a triple play since Phillies' shortstop Ted Kazanski hit an inside the park HR in a 3-1 win over the New York Giants on September 25, 1955, in a game which ended with a line drive to short by Giants' 2B Bobby Hoffman with runners on first and second in the New York ninth, 6-4-3, Triple Play to end the game. 

• Miss The Game? The DC Faithful Were Watching...

• Final Score: 5-3 DC. 

Nationals now 21-20.


1 - Livan Hernandez is throwing to Pudge. Jose Reyes leading off, and he pops out to Ryan Zimmerman in foul territory off third. Luis Castillo tries to lay down a bunt, but Pudge throws him out. Zim picks a sharp grounder from Jason Bay but throws wide of first to pull Dunn off the bag. Ike Davis grounds out to Cristian Guzman at second...Mets' knuckler R.A. Dickey dives in to catch a popped up bunt from Nyjer Morgan. Cristian Guzman K's swinging at a shoulder-high knuckler. Ryan Zimmerman grounds to second, 0-0 after one. 

2 - Angel Pagan grounds to Guzman who throws to first, one down. Livan Hernandez walks the nearly-unwalkable in the past Jeff Francoeur. Fernando Tatis flies out right center where Roger Bernadina makes the catch on the track. Guzman backs into short right and catches the third out off Henry Blanco's bat...Adam Dunn grounds weakly to second. Josh Willingham works the count full and lines out to Tatis at third. Pudge Rodriguez grounds to second. Dickey's through the first six. 

3 - R.A. Dickey grounds back to the mound. Jose Reyes up for the second time, tries to bunt his way on, but flies out to Willingham in left. Livan gets a weak grounder from Luis Castillo, Pudge Rodriguez throws him out to end the Mets' third...Roger Bernadina pops out foul of third to Fernando Tatis...Ian Desmond patiently works a walk out of Dickey. Livan Hernandez flies to left after failing to get the bunt down. Nyjer Morgan grounds sharply off Ike Davis' glove, Luis Castillo gets to the bounce and tosses to the bag. 

4 - Morgan charges in to catch the fly ball to center from Jason Bay, one down. Ike Davis stares at a fastball that clips the outside corner for a called strike three. Nyjer Morgan misses a fly ball to center, and Angel Pagan's hustling around third when Desmond fires it in, too late, inside the park HR. 1-0 Mets. Jeff Francoeur singles to right with one down. Fernando Tatis K's swinging through a fastball to end the Mets' fourth...Cristian Guzman lines to center on a knuckler from Dickey, and Zim crushes the first one he gets, single to right. Adam Dunn walks to load the bases for Josh Willingham. Single up the middle, Guzman scores, bases loaded. 1-1. Pudge Rodriguez K's chasing a knuckler that falls away outside. Roger Bernadina's robbed by Angel Pagan on a fly to short center. Zim scores, 2-1 Nats. Ian Desmond flies out to center, 2-1 Nats after four. 

5 - Henry Blanco flies out to Bernadina in short right, Bernadina misjudges and has to hustle and slide for it. R.A. Dickey grounds out to Guzman at second. Jose Reyes up with two down, and he pops out to third to end the Mets' fifth...Livan Hernandez starts the Nats' fifth with a single to left off Dickey. Nyjer Morgan walks to put two on for Guzman. Guzman flies to short center, Pagan makes a shoestring grab, but both runners have left their bases, Pagan throws to second, it rolls in toward home, Blanco throws to second, on to first, triple play. 

6 - Luis Castillo grounds out to short. Livan walks Jason Bay with one down. Ike Davis grounds through second under a diving Guzman. Bernadina charges and misses it, Bay takes third. First and third for Pagan. Pagan walks to load the bases. Francoeur lines to left, Hammer gets there, Bay tags and scores. 2-2. Livan gets a line drive to first from Tatis. 2-2 after five and a half...R.A. Dickey pops Ryan Zimmerman up, one down. Adam Dunn rips a line drive single off the base of the right field wall. Josh Willingham walks, two on for Pudge. Grounder to short, Reyes to Castillo to Davis at first, double play. 

7 - Henry Blanco lines to center to start the seventh. Alex Cora tries to bunt the runner over, he does, but Zim charges on it and makes the throw to first. One down. Livan's out, Drew Storen takes over for Hernandez. Storen vs Jose Reyes. Reyes lines a 1-1 pitch to short, two down. Luis Castillo grounds to short, a sharp one, Desmond's got it and he throws to first...Raul Valdes on for NY. Roger Bernadina doubles to left on a check-swing grounder. Ian Desmond grounds out to second to advance the runner. Fernando Nieve on, and it's Adam Kennedy to pinch hit. The Nats try a squeeze, Nieve with the pitch out, and Kennedy has to lunge to foul it off. Kennedy flies to center, Bernadina tags and scores, 3-2 Nats!!! Nieve walks Nyjer Morgan. The Guzzzzz triples off the out-of-town scoreboard, 4-2 Nats when Morgan scores. Ryan Zimmerman singles to right and Guzman scores, 5-2 Nats. Oliver Perez comes on to face Adam Dunn. Walk to Dunn. Hammer lines to second. 5-2 Nats after seven. 

8 - Tyler Clippard vs Jason Bay in the eighth. Fly ball to right, one down. Ike Davis gets an 0-2 fastball upstairs and he K's swinging. Pagan gets another 0-2 heater, and he K's swinging too...Manny Acosta vs Pudge. Rodriguez flies out to the track in center. Roger Bernadina grounds to second, Ian Desmond grounds to short, 5-2 Nats after eight. 

9 - Capps vs Francoeur. Fly ball to center, one down. Fernando Tatis flies to left, Harris tracks it, off the top of the wall in left center, and it falls over, HR. Solo shot. 5-3 Nats. Chris Carter grounds out to short. Two down. Capps vs Barajas. Sharp grounder to third, Zim fields and throws, Nationals win!!! 5-2 final. Crazy game. 

Nationals now 21-20.