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Nationals News: Still Believin' Livan

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  Although Drew Storen earned the curly W (and the Silver Fox) yesterday, Livan Hernandez was the unsung hero, offering to pitch on short rest and then going 6.1 innings allowing just two runs.

  I saw a couple cool things for the first time at the game yesterday: an inside the park home run by Angel Pagan and the first triple play the Nationals have ever hit into, by Cristian Guzman. The last time there was an inside the park home run and a triple play in the same game was September 25, 1955.

  Stephen Strasburg gave up just three hits and no runs while striking out nine in his third start at AAA Syracuse.

  Jim Riggleman remains committed to Tyler Clippard though he had been struggling recently. He also says that Bernadina needs to step up and be "the guy" in right field, and Ian Desmond gets an A+ for his performance so far.

  A baseball team from Iraq came to the United States and got to see a game at Nationals Park. This is pretty cool, and even cooler for the Nationals to help in making it happen.

  Ross Detwiler will begin his rehab assignment soon, though no timetable for his return has been laid out yet.

  The Nats Blog says that Brian Bruney was never an exceptional player, but bad luck hit him before it hit other Nationals relievers, making him look much worse in comparison.

  30 year old second baseman Chase Lambin has spent eight seasons at AA and AAA, is batting .311 with 8 doubles and 5 homers this season, and hopes he'll be called up soon.

Around the league...

  There will be a Yankees game on national television for six of the seven Yankees games between last Monday and next Sunday. Dear MLB: you may have forgotten, but there are 29 other teams in the league.

  Troubled outfielder Milton Bradley has rejoined the Mariners after two weeks of counseling.

  Brewers closer Trevor Hoffman won't pitch for at least two games while he works with his pitching coach to straighten himself out. He's four saves away from becoming the first player to 600 saves, and I hope he makes it.