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Game 42: 2009ish loss to last-place Mets



  • Bad starting: Luis Atilano (-24.1%) can't get farther than the Mets reliever who entered with no outs in the first, giving up 6 ER with 3 BB and 1 K.
  • Bad relief: Tyler Walker (-10.2%) shows up my faint praise with 2 ER in 1.2 IP.
  • Insufficient offense: Seven runs is nowhere near enough, as Nats' hitters combine for -16.5%.
  • Faint glimmers of non-suk: Ivan Rodriguez (+9.0%) shows me up by going 2-2 with a walk (!). Sean Burnett (+0.4%) and Miguel Batista (+0.3%) combine for a scoreless 3.0 IP.  Also, errors and misplays don't explicitly show up in WPA.