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Washington Nationals Won't Quit, Drop 10-7 Decision to New York Mets.

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WASHINGTON - MAY 20:  Nyjer Morgan #1 of the Washington Nationals tosses his bat after striking out against the New York Mets at Nationals Park on May 20, 2010 in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
WASHINGTON - MAY 20: Nyjer Morgan #1 of the Washington Nationals tosses his bat after striking out against the New York Mets at Nationals Park on May 20, 2010 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
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Tonight's Top 5: 

5. Cy Valdes. One at bat into tonight's game, Mets' Skipper (For now?) Jerry Manuel was out at the mound and visibly upset with his starting pitcher, John Maine, who's removed from the game after that first AB, in which he'd walked Nyjer Morgan on 5 pitches with a fastball that was stuck at 85. The 29-year-old right-hander, Maine, was removed as a "precaution" according to the Mets, and he'll visit doctors tomorrow...that's all they would say...Cy (real name: Raul) Valdes takes over for Maine and does the yeoman's work, tossing 80 pitches over 5.0 innings, and allowing just 3 runs on 7 hits, collecting 6 K's from the Nats' batters and earning his second win of the season in the 32-year-old rookie left-hander's longest major league outing. 

4. Off The Wall In Center Again: After a leadoff single by Jason Bay in the fifth, Mets' first baseman Ike Davis hits a fly ball to deep center off Nats' right-hander Luis Atilano that flies over center fielder Nyjer Morgan's head and off the wall, bouncing away from the Nats' outfielder for a double and runners on second and third, a night after Morgan missed a fly ball to center by Angel Pagan that bounced off the wall and turned into an inside the park HR when it ricocheted away...(ed. note - "What? The plays were just similar is all...") Atilano gives up an RBI sac fly and loads the bases before he's lifted after having thrown 91 pitches, 57 for strikes in 4.1 IP in which he allowed 9 H, 7 R, 6 ER and 3 walks. 

3. Early 2010 Pudge Returns? Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez entered the game with NY tonight mired in a 2 for 26 slump which saw the 32-year-old future Hall of Fame catcher's AVG "down" to .322 with a .344 OBP and a .770 SLG at the 40 (41 really) game mark, down from the .413/.449/.524 line he ended April sporting. In 14 May games played, Pudge is hitting at a .212/.208/.308 clip...tonight, however, the Nats' veteran backstop was 2 for 2 with a walk, though one of those hits, a triple in the fourth, was the result of Jeff Francoeur losing a fly ball in the lights in right that flies over his head and rolls to the wall...

2. Baserunning, Baserunning, Baserunning...10-1 Mets after the top of the sixth. Adam Dunn doubles, Josh Willingham walks and after Manny Acosta replaces Raul Valdes on the mound for the Mets, Pudge Rodriguez gets a free pass to load the bases. Pinch hitter Willie Harris singles to center off Acosta, two runs score, but Pudge gets caught rounding second on the throw in and tagged out for the first out of the frame. Ian Desmond pops out foul of third, and after a walk to Michael Morse, Nyjer Morgan K's looking, 10-3 Mets...Bases loaded, no outs, and the Nats get just two runs in a game they lose eventually lose 10-7.

1. No Quit Nats: Down 3-0, 8-1 and 10-1, the Washington Nationals keep battling back, with 3 runs in the eighth and one in the ninth to draw back within three runs of the Mets at 10-7 when it ends. Adam Dunn flies out with the bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the eighth, he does so as the tying run. Long after just about everyone watching the game had given up hope of a comeback, the Nationals are still fighting back...

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• Mets win, 10-7 final. 

Nationals now 21-21.


1 - Jose Reyes is leading off for NY and he singles to right on a liner that Roger Bernadina loses in the sun. Nats' right-hander Luis Atilano gets a line drive to right from Alex Cora, Bernadina sees this one. Ike Davis lines weakly to first, and Ian Desmond misses a high throw to second from Adam Dunn. Everyone's safe. Bases loaded. David Wright lines off the out-of-town scoreboard in right-center to score three runs, 3-0 Mets. Atilano goes to a full count with Angel Pagan and walks last night's headline-grabber. Rod Barajas lines right into Atilano's glove. Pagan's caught off first and doubled up....Mets' starter John Maine is taken out of the game after throwing a few low-to-mid 80's fastballs as he walks Nyjer Morgan. Raul Valdez gets a line drive from Adam Kennedy to second, Alex Cora doubles Morgan up at first. Ryan Zimmerman K's swinging at a 1-2 change.

2 - Jeff Francoeur pops a curve up behind home, Pudge has it. Relief pitcher Raul Valdes singles to center with one down. Jose Reyes rips into a fastball, but lines to Bernadina in right. Alex Cora grounds to second, Adam Kennedy to Ian Desmond for the force...Adam Dunn lines to right and off the wall, Francoeur fields and throws and almost gets the big slugger at second. Josh Willingham pops out to second. One down. Pudge Rodriguez singles through short to move Dunn to third. Roger Bernadina grounds to first, Ike Davis fumbles with the ball and throws late for the force, Reyes forces it and throws by first. Dunn scores. 3-1 Mets. Bernadina safe at first. Ian Desmond pops out. 3-1 Mets. 

3 - Jason Bay K's swinging at a fastball outside. Ike Davis doubles off the wall in left over Willingham's head. David Wright flies out to center. Luis Atilano pops Pagan up, Dunn makes the grab...Luis Atilano K's swinging. Morgan K's looking. Adam Kennedy sends a one-hopper to short and too deep for Reyes to make a throw. Nyjer Morgan takes strike three and walks back to the dugout a little hot under the collar. Ryan Zimmerman flips his bat and helmet away after taking strike three too.

4 - Rod Barajas pops up into foul territory off third, Zimmerman loses it, but Desmond's there to make the catch. One down. Jeff Francoeur lines to left, Hammer cuts it off to hold Frenchy to a single. Raul Valdes grounds out to Atilano, who throws to first. Two outs, Frenchy to second. Jose Reyes gets an intentional ball four after Atilano loses him. Alex Cora grounds sharply to first, Dunn picks it. 3-1 NY...Adam Dunn grounds weakly to first, one down. Josh Willingham K's looking at a 1-2 fastball. Pudge lines to right, and Jeff Francoeur loses it in the lights, Pudge triples. Roger Bernadina chases a two-strike fastball outside and fouls it into Barajas' mitt.

5 - Atilano gives up a leadoff single to Jason Bay, who lines to left. Ike Davis hits one off the wall in center, and it bounces away from Nyjer Morgan. Second and third. David Wright flies out to center, Morgan makes the play, Bay tags and scores. 4-1 NY. Angel Pagan gets another intentional walk. Rod Barajas flies to short center, it drops in, Ike Davis is caught turning back to second, but Morgan's throw to third is wide and pulls Zimmerman off the bag. Frenchy singles up the middle on the first pitch from Walker, two runs score. 6-1 NY. Raul Valdes bunts toward the mound, Walker misplays it into an infield hit. Bases loaded. Jose Reyes sends a blooper toward third, Zimmerman falls backing up for it, 7-1 NY. Alex Cora lines out to left, Frenchy scores, 8-1 Mets. Jason Bay grounds out to first to end the Mets' fifth...Ian Desmond singles to center to start the Nats' fifth. Michael Morse flies out to Angel Pagan in right center. Nyjer Morgan shoots a single through second into center. Desmond moves up from first. Adam Kennedy flies out to left, Bay with the grab. Ryan Zimmerman flies out to Frenchy. 

6 - Ike Davis singles to right to start the sixth. David Wright lines out to center. Tyler Walker gets Angel Pagan swinging at a two-strike slider. Rod Barajas jacks a fly ball to left and out of the park. Two-run blast, 10-1 Mets. Jeff Francoeur pops out to Ian Desmond behind short...Adam Dunn splits the left-center gap with a line drive double off the wall on one hop. Josh Willingham walks and Valdes is finally done. Pudge Rodriguez walks. Willie Harris gets a pinch hit chance. Full count. Single to center, two runs score. 10-3. Pudge caught off second and tagged. One out. Ian Desmond pops out to Wright foul of third. Two down. Michael Morse walks with two down. Nyjer Morgan takes a full-count slider from Acosta for a called strike three. 

7 - Miguel Batista vs Gary Matthews, Jr. Line drive single to left on a sinking fastball outside. Miguel Batista gets a double play grounder from Jose Reyes to Adam Kennedy to Ian Desmond to Adam Dunn. Alex Cora grounds out to first...Jenrry Mejia vs Adam Kennedy. Groundout to second for Alex Cora to handle. Ryan Zimmerman grounds out to short, two down. Adam Dunn grounds into the shift, 10-3 Mets after seven. 

8 - Miguel Batista gives up a pop fly single to Jason Bay. Ike Davis flies out to the Hammer in left field. David Wright grounds to second, Kennedy to Desmond to Dunn, double play...Josh Willingham flies out center, Wil Nieves gets a pinch hit appearance, doubling to the right-center gap. Willie Harris groundout moves Nieves to third, and Ian Desmond singles Nieves in, 10-4 NY on Desmond's RBI single. Mike Morse takes a two-out walk. Mejia throws a wild pitch to put runners on second and third with Alberto Gonzalez up. Another walk, bases loaded, two outs. Adam Kennedy will see a new pitcher, Pedro Feliciano. So Jim Riggleman goes with Cristian Guzman, who singles to center, Desmond scores, 10-5 Mets. Ryan Zimmerman up with the bases loaded. Zimmerman works the count full and walks, a run scores, 10-6 Mets. Adam Dunn battles Feliciano, but flies out to left. 10-6 NY after eight. 

9 - Angel Pagan flies out to Willie Harris in center, one down for Sean Burnett. Rod Barajas K's swinging over a full-count change. An error by Ian Desmond on a Francoeur grounder puts one on with two outs. Sean Burnett gets a groundout from Reyes to end the frame...Josh Willingham doubles to start the ninth off of Francisco Rodriguez. Hammer takes third on a flyout from Wil Nieves. One down. Willie Harris grounds to second to score Willingham, 10-7 Mets. Ian Desmond flies to right, ballgame. 10-7 Mets win. Ian Desmond flies to right to end it. Mets win, 10-7 final.