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Nationals News: Lighting Out for the Territory

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  Dave Shenin wrote an epic article on Stephen Strasburg and his attempts to have a (relatively) normal life in the minor leagues. A great read.

  The Nationals are reportedly interested in Roy Oswalt, and though he's not the pitcher he used to be, it might not cost the Nationals much more than money to secure his services.

  Drew Storen earned his first major league hit wearing the bat boy's helmet.

  The Nats' bullpen, which has consistently been a problem in the past, has become one of the deepest in the NL.

  The Nationals should be 20-25, according to Pythagoras, but because the team has been "engineered to win close games," they're currently 23-22.

  Did Orioles shortstop Julio Lugo kick dirt on Josh Willingham as he rounded the bases after his walk-off home run?

  Josh Willingham has become the first (?) National to receive back-to-back Silver Fox awards.

  Pudge Rodriguez is out for a few days with a lower back strain, giving Wil Nieves a number of consecutive starts with Mike Morse serving as his primary backup.

  Nyjer Morgan is not too concerned about his defensive misplay against the Orioles, saying it was a mistake he couldn't dwell on.

Around the league...

  Trevor Hoffman, just a few saves away from 600, pitched a perfect eighth and then watched John Axford get the save.

  Rockies outfielder Dexter Fowler had to climb the outfield fence to retrieve his glove after he lost it attempting to catch a shot from Jose Guillen.

  Carlos Silva is the first Cubs starter in 43 years to have six wins through six decisions.