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Washington Nationals: Stephen Strasburg's Debut, Almost The News You've Been Waiting For...'s Bill Ladson just sent out the following message via his Twitter account at (@Washingnats):

"The #Nats are tentatively planning to have RHP Stephen Strasburg make his Major League debut against the Bucs at Nationals Park in June."

Another message followed shortly thereafter: 

"No date has been set yet for Stephen Strasburg's debut. The #Nats plan to give everyone five or six days notice before the start."

The Pittsburgh Pirates visit Nationals Park from Tuesday-Thursday June 8-10, (Sorry for now, 6/4 ticket holders) which is interesting considering what's Jon Heyman tweeted (@SI_JonHeyman) this morning:

"...not sure where june 4 rumor started. but mid june better guess for strasburg considering 100 big-league IP target."

And I know the mere mention of his name sends some into paroxysms of anger, but former DC GM Jim Bowden (who was on MLB Network Radio today saying the Nats would be first in the NL East if they weren't trying to save money by holding Strasburg back), said recently that he believed June 8th was the most likely date for the Nats' 21-year-old '09 no.1 overall draft pick to make his debut...'s Bill Ladson is promising more later...

(ed. note - "And while we're at it, Nats's Mark Zuckerman (@MarkZuckerman) announced yesterday that, "#Nats GM Mike Rizzo says he's decided who to draft No. 1, but he won't reveal it. Not too hard to deduce this one." Well, Mr. Bowden has that answer too, writing on Twitter this afternoon (@JimBowdenXMFOX) that..."):

"Nationals not announcing they are taking Bryce Harper with the first pick in the 2010 Draft, but have decided he is their choice. No Surprise"

You may now resume your usual afternoon activities...