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Nationals News: Frowny Face Lincecum

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  Stephen Strasburg will likely not pitch on June 4, as was speculated, but could instead start against the Pirates on that same homestand. Jim Riggleman says that there are "too many reasons" not to announce Strasburg's debut, and he's right. But seriously, just tell us already.

  Hall of Famer Bob Feller says that Strasburg is "quite impressive ... but expectations are far too high at this point."

  J.D. Martin will likely start in place of the injured Scott Olsen on Saturday.

  The Nats were able to beat Tim Lincecum by making good at-bats, forcing him to throw 42 pitches through two innings.

  The Sports Bog has a list of all bobblehead promotions in the D.C. area.

  The 1/1 2010 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Stephen Strasburg card has passed $16,000 on eBay.

Around the league...

  Thomas Boswell has penned a good general baseball article instructing us to pay attention to the count, the key to the game.