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Game 51: Zimmy hits 100, 101. AK error costs 2nd game in a row.



  • Milest0nez! Ryan Zimmerman (+17.8%) has all of the Nationals' offense, with HR #100 to go ahead early (+11.7%) and HR #101 to tie it later (+19.2%)
  • This is the Nats Bullpen? Tyler Clippard (+21.1%), Sean Burnett (+13.6%), Doug Slaten (+14.1%) and Drew Storen (+9.6%) combine for 4.1 scoreless.
  • Not a save situation: Matt Capps (-40.2%) can't keep it tied in the 11th.
  • Please do better: Ian Desmond (-17.4%) and Adam Kennedy (-15.0%) are both 0-4, and AK has another critical error.