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Nationals News: You Stay Classy, Right Field Platoon

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  Willie Harris and Justin Maxwell have a combined .872 ops, good enough for 8th in the MLB among right fielders. They have also played stellar defense, having committed no errors so far.

  Mike Rizzo has finally met Bryce Harper face-to-face. The article gives no indication of Rizzo's opinion, but Director of Amateur Scouting Kris Kline seems to think very highly of Harper.

  The Nationals have yet to announce where Stephen Strasburg will make his next start; they're expected to make that announcement after he throws his bullpen session today.

  Livan Hernandez's BABIP (batting average on balls in play) was unusually high for the past two years, suggesting that perhaps he is due for a bounceback year in 2010.

  Matt Capps won MLB's Delivery Man Award, for being the "most outstanding reliever" in April.

  Byron Kerr provides some interesting perspective on minor league ballparks -- apparently everybody gets a free roast beef sandwich if the cleanup hitter gets an RBI.

  Matt Chico is frustrated to be working at AA Harrisburg, but was glad he got to serve as a mentor for Stephen Strasburg.

  Bryce Harper, who also happens to be represented by Scott Boras, is reportedly seeking a record-breaking signing bonus. I hope the Nats don't give it to him -- he's only 17, and seems to be a lot less polished than Stephen Strasburg was when he signed.

  Phil Wood suggest the Nats get rid of the blue away cap, replacing it with a cap that more mirrors their uniforms.

  Ryan Zimmerman writes about his need to stay focused, and also just bought a laptop with a "pretty sweet" Nationals design on it.

  John Lannan has earned only 24 swinging strikes on 561 pitches thus far in the season. He'll never be a strikeout pitcher, but when batters miss that rarely, it's hard to even be effective.

  Bill Ladson answers questions, and Jesus Flores should be back after the All-Star break.

  The Nationals have a 6.3% chance of winning the division, according to Accuscore's playoff forecaster.

  The Nationals are a better team this year, in terms of their players, but they also have a better clubhouse atmosphere.

Around the League...

  This is hilarious: Phillies reliever Ryan Madson will need surgery after he broke his toe kicking a chair following a blown save.

  Philadelphia police tasered a fan after he jumped onto the field and ran around in the outfield.

  Scientists have proven that HGH boosts athletic performance.