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Nationals News: Ryan Zimmerman, Mercedes Salesman

  Ryan Zimmerman is selling Mercedes... by playing the didgeridoo.

  Though Mark Prior has only exchanged a few words with Stephen Strasburg, he understands what he is going through. A good read, mostly for Mark Prior quotes.

  William Yoder says that Bryce Harper is more advanced than Ken Griffey Jr. and Alex Rodriguez were at his age.

  National news coverage on the Nationals?! Fox Sports writer Dayn Perry says that the Nats have a lot to look forward to.

  Sean Burnett has proven himself recently, perhaps earning the seventh inning slot. He is the only left-handed pitcher in the Nats' bullpen, though, so he may be called on earlier than the seventh if needed.

  The Nationals are assessing their options in terms of who will take John Lannan's spot on Saturday. It appears that they will most likely call up J.D. Martin or Matt Chico.

  Ryan O'Halloran calls Ian Desmond a "keeper," and Davey Johnson says that  Desmond has "that pop that Ripken had."

  D.C. Sports Bog has assembled another gallery of Elvis images, and apparently Livan Hernandez's head is too big to wear the Silver Fox.

  Nationals Baseball saw nothing but positives come from yesterday's game (other than the final score, of course).

  The Nationals have now lost three of their last ten games by one run, in extra innings.

  Jason Marquis would like to fill in for John Lannan on Saturday, but it's almost certain that he won't. He feels like he is ahead of schedule, but Mike Rizzo and Jim Riggleman are less optimistic (or perhaps just more realistic).

Around the League...

  Milton Bradley has asked for help in getting over his personal issues.

  Jeff Bergin argues that the NL East may be the best collection of young talent in the MLB.