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Nationals News: A Wild Ride

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  After Scott Olsen's no-hitter was broken up, the Nationals got into a pretty bad spot, but were still able to pull out a win. This was another big win, given the circumstances.

  Tim Hudson said that Scott Olsen has "pretty good stuff," but doesn't have no-hit stuff.

  To Scott Olsen, being in the zone is "better than being out of the zone." He didn't seem to be too worked up by the whole no-hitter thing, which is probably a good attitude.

  There was a Bryce Harper jersey sighting at Nats Park on Wednesday. At least wait until he's been drafted, guys...

  Adam Dunn "never [tries] to draw a walk."

  Jim Riggleman is leaning toward starting Matt Chico on Saturday in place of John Lannan.

  Nyjer Morgan has stolen six bases this year, but has also been caught six times. Jim Riggleman thinks he has been the victim of a few bad calls, but understands that aggressiveness is part of Morgan's game.

  Scott Olsen started this year in the minors, and used that as motivation to focus on his work as a pitcher.

  Adam Dunn doesn't think that there has been any progress in his contract negotiation, but he's not too concerned: "I just play, dude. That's all."

Around the League...

  Brewers broadcaster Bob Uecker has been released from the hospital after undergoing heart surgery.

  The Mariners have placed Milton Bradley on the restricted list.

  ESPN breaks down the five most untradable contracts in baseball. #1 is Alfonso Soriano (five more years, $90 million left to be paid).