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Nationals News: The Future is a Week from Now

  It's official: Stephen Strasburg arrives June 8th. Not surprisingly, ticket sales are going nuts.

  Luis Atilano realizes that Stephen Strasburg's arrival may mean he is sent to the minors, but he just wants to do what the team needs.

  Ryan Zimmerman hit his 100th home run over the weekend, putting him in good company at age 25.

  Nyjer Morgan batted second for the first time as a National yesterday.

  Bryce Harper "didn't have a great game" in the JUCO World Series because he didn't hit a home run. Instead, he went 2-4 with 3 runs, a walk and a stolen base.

  Since designating Brian Bruney and calling up Drew Storen, the Nats' bullpen has racked up a 2.55 ERA in 13 games. 

  After so many one and two-run games, maybe it's time to just accept that the Nationals are a team that plays close games.

Around the league...

  The Marlins will be selling the remaining tickets to the perfect game Roy Halladay pitched on Saturday... at face value.

  In a marquee matchup between Tim Lincecum and Ubaldo Jimenez, Jimenez managed to strike out 9 and pitch a complete game shutout.