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Game 61: Current Nats > Ex-Nats



  • Again with the DINGERZ! Adam Dunn (+12.4%) hits a solo shot for the early lead (+12.6%) while Josh Willingham (+3.6%) hits one two batters later to tack on (+10.8%).
  • No, put ME in, coach! Michael Morse (+18.1%) reminds everyone he exists by going 3-3 with a walk and an insurance long ball.
  • Fine, leave your cap like it is: Sean Burnett (+22.5%) pitches two scoreless in relief against his former team.
  • Less hacking, please: Cristian Guzman (-13.8%) is 0-5 with 2 Ks, while Willie Harris (-13.7%) lines into a DP to waste a bases-loaded, no-out PH opportunity.