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Game 62: Austin Kearns > Luis Atilano



  • Oops: Luis Atilano (-25.4%) gives up a three-run bomb to put the Nats behind for good (-24.8%).  He gives up two more later just for good measure (-7.4% and -4.0%).
  • Meatless of the order: Ryan Zimmerman (-14.5%) and Josh Willingham (-7.0%) go a combined 0-8 with 3 Ks, including a gut-wrenching bases-loaded GDP from the Z-man (-5.6%).
  • Still meaty: Adam Dunn (+13.3%) is 2-3 with a walk and an RBI double.
  • Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln...: Nats pitching can't keep Cleveland off the board (-27.7%), while Nats hitting can't get on it (-22.3%).