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Cleveland Indians Take Two Straight From Washington Nationals, 7-1.

Tonight's Top 5: 

5. 7 And 57: Adam's Kennedy's 7th error of the season is the Washington Nationals' league-leading 57th, and it leads to a run again. After Nats' starter J.D. Martin hits Shin-Soo Choo with one out in the first, the right-hander gets a DP grounder to second out of Carlos Santana that Adam Kennedy throws away, wide of Cristian Guzman at second. Choo takes third and scores on Travis Hafner's sac fly. 1-0 Indians. Three errors in two games for Adam Kennedy...

4. J.D. Martin: A HBP, a throwing error and a sac fly account for the Indians' first-inning run off J.D. Martin. A leadoff single by Russell Branyan in the second is followed by a Jhonny Peralta double and another sac fly, this time by Luis Valbuena to put Cleveland up 2-0 in the second. Shin-Soo Choo hits a two-out RBI double and Carlos Santana knocks in the first runs of his MLB career with a two-out, two-run double off Martin that makes it 5-0 Indians after two innings...

3. Hanging Change = BP Fastball And Carlos Santana's 1st HR: J.D. Martin leaves a 1-1 change up on the corner outside after starting Cleveland catcher Carlos Santana with a first-pitch change in the same exact spot for a called strike and throwing a fastball an inch or two more outside for a ball. Santana takes the second change he sees to center and over Nyjer Morgan's head for his first MLB HR in just his second game behind the plate in the majors for the Indians. If it makes Martin feel better, it's Santana's 14th HR of 2010 between Cleveland and Triple-A Columbus, which is more HR's than any Nat has this year. J.D. Martin's Line: 7.2 IP, 9 H, 7 R, 6 ER, 0 BB!!, 3 K's, 2 HR's, 113 pitches, 72 strikes, 8 groundouts, 10 flyouts. 

2. Fausto "Cy" Carmona Dominates Nats: Indians' right-hander Fausto Carmona allowed two hits through his first six innings on the mound, and he erased both runners with double plays in the next AB after each hit. The Nats go down in order in the seventh. The only run the Nats score tonight comes on Ryan Zimmerman's solo HR in the top of the eighth. Zim takes a 1-0 fastball up and inside to left and out of the park. Zim's 13th HR is the only thing that keeps Carmona from facing the minimum number of batters. 28 batters, 14 groundouts, 4 flyouts, 7 K's, 9.0 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 1 HR, 106 pitches, 73 strikes...Nats never had a chance.

1. 1924: The Nationals and Indians both wore their World Series-winning throwback uniforms, the Indians the 1920's cream jerseys with black pinstripes and big C logo on the cap and breast. The Nats went 1924 gray away with the navy blue socks high, navy blue non-curly W on the sleeve and white W on navy cap. The one and only World Series Championship in D.C. baseball history took place in 1924 when the Senators beat the NY Giants. The Indians won their first of two franchise World Series Championships over the Brooklyn Robins in 1920....In 2010 the Cleveland Indians are one win away from beating the Nationals in three-straight... 

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• Final Score: Indians 7, Nats 1.

Nationals now 30-33.


1 - Nyjer Morgan's up first against Cleveland's Fausto Carmona, who gets a grounder back to the mound to start the first. Cristian Guzman's called out on strikes when he takes a fastball inside that locks him up. Dunn grounds into the shift, Carmona's through the first...J.D. Martin gets Trevor Crowe swinging. Shin-Soo Choo takes a curveball in the shoe/ankle and takes a base. Carlos Santana grounds to second, it should be a DP but Adam Kennedy throws it by Guzman at second, so it's first and third with one out for Travis Hafner. Fly ball to center, Choo tags and scores. 1-0 Indians. Austin Kearns takes a fastball inside, doesn't raise arms, but K's. 

2 - Ryan Zimmerman grounds out to his counterpart at third. Josh Willingham flies to center for Trevor Crowe. Two down. Willie Harris grounds out to Luis Valbuena at second, 1-0 Indians in the second...Roger Bernadina cuts down a liner to right and holds Russell Branyan to a single. Jhonny Peralta's limited to a double by fan interference. Second and third to start the second. Luis Valbuena goes the other way with a sac fly to center, one down, 2-0. Jason Donald lines to right for another single, and first and third again. Trevor Crowe pops out to Guzman on the grass behind short. Shin-Soo Choo singles by a diving Kennedy at second, Peralta scores. 3-0. Carlos Santana doubles off Martin, two more score, 5-0 Indians. Travis Hafner flies out center to end the second. 

3 - Roger Bernadina flies out to Austin Kearns in left. Adam Kennedy lines to center for the Nats' first hit. Wil Nieves erases the runner with DP grounder to Peralta at third, to Valbuena, to Branyan. Double play, 5-0 Indians...Austin Kearns flies out to Nyjer Morgan in center for the first out, but J.D. Martin gives up a one-out single to Russell Branyan, who lines to right. Jhonny Peralta flies out to Willingham in left. Martin gets Valbuena on a foul tip into Nieves' glove. 

4 - Nyjer Morgan grounds weakly to second, but runs it out. Cristian Guzman grounds to Russell Branyan at first. Fausto Carmona gets Adam Dunn swinging at a 1-2 change...Jason Donald lines to Roger Bernadina in right. Trevor Crowe grounds back to the mound. Two down. Shin-Soo Choo's up again, and he grounds out to first to end the fourth. 

5 - Ryan Zimmerman down swinging at a slider outside. Josh Willingham K's swinging over a two-strike change. Willie Harris down swinging too...J.D. Martin hangs a change up for Carlos Santana, whose first MLB HR goes out to deeeep center over Morgan's head, 6-0 Indians. Cristian Guzman throws out Travis Hafner. One down. Austin Kearns grounds to Zimmerman and Branyan flies out to center, still 5-0 Cleveland. 

6 - Roger Bernadina reaches safely when Carmona drops the toss from Valbuena while covering at first. Adam Kennedy gives Carmona the DP grounder to second he's looking for. Wil Nieves grounds out to short...6-0 Indians in the sixth...Jhonny Peralta grounds out to Guzman at short. One down. Luis Valbuena grounds out to Adam Kennedy at second, and Jason Donald tests Zimmerman's backhand, Zim's up to it, throw to first, 6-0 Indians after six. 

7 - Nyjer Morgan lines to left to start the seventh. Fausto Carmona gets a groundout to first from Guzman, two down. Adam Dunn K's chasing and it's 6-0 Indians in the seventh...J.D. Martin gets a grounder to third from Shelley Duncan. One down. Choo lines to right, Carlos Santana skies the third out to short, 6-0 Indians after seven.

8 - Ryan Zimmerman destroys a fastball for a towering solo shot to start the eighth, 6-1 Indians. Josh Willingham grounds out to third. Willie Harris K's swinging and has to run it out when Carlos Santana drops it. Two down. Roger Bernandina flies out to Kearns in center to end the Nats' eighth...Travis Hafner drills a line drive off the wall in right on one hop, but Roger Bernadina gets to it quickly and nails Hafner trying for second with a perfect throw. Austin Kearns flies out to center. Russell Branyan takes a full-count fastball to right's...GONE, just over Nyjer Morgan at the wall and into the bullpen. 7-1 Indians. 

9 - Adam Kennedy lines out to Choo in right, one down. Wil Nieves grounds back to the mound. Pinch hitter Alberto Gonzalez pops out on the first pitch he sees. The Indians win, 7-1 final.