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Introducing: SB Nation Team Pick For DC Sports Fans.

• The SB Nation loves you and we're always trying to best serve our readers and our community.

• Today the SB Nation is announcing a new program that makes items that we know (hope) sports fans will like available to SB Nation readers: Deals on sports tickets, Discounts at sports bars, Restaurant coupons, among other things...We're calling the program SB Nation Team Pick.

• The first offer is available now (and expires on Thursday): For $10, you can buy a Team Pick coupon for $20 worth of food and drinks at Buffalo Billiards in Dupont Circle by clicking on this link: HERE.

• By signing up you're joining an email program which will send you similar offers once or twice per week. (I'm told it won't be more than that, definitely not obnoxious spamming.)