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Washington Nationals' John Lannan's Struggling, Nats Lose 7-4 To Detroit Tigers.

• Detroit Rock City Top 5: 

5. Nyjer Morgan? T-Plush Back?: Top of the first, one down after Cristian Guzman K's. Nyjer Morgan, the displaced Nats' leadoff hitter, lays a bunt down the third base line that dies in the dirt and stays fair for a single. Morgan runs with Ryan Zimmerman up, and Tigers' catcher Gerard Laird's throw hits Morgan and bounces into center as Morgan takes third. Ryan Zimmerman flies to right, Magglio Ordonez fields and throws as Morgan tags, SAFE!! 1-0 Nats. Morgan's first stolen base in 14 days (12 games)...1-0 Nats after one...

4. Don't Insult The Hammer!!!: After three straight Detroit singles off Nats' lefty John Lannan in the second, a bases -loaded one-out walk to Ryan Raburn forces in the tying run, 1-1 after two. Tigers' starter Max Scherzer walks Adam Dunn with one on (Morgan on second) and two out in the top of the third, a fan is captured on the audio of the Tigers' broadcast asking the Nats' left fielder Josh Willingham, "How does that make you feel Willingham?" as he walks to the plate. Hammer's down 0-2 quickly to Scherzer, who throws a 95mph fastball over the middle down low and gives up an RBI double to left, 2-1 Washington. Don't Insult The Hammer!!! Pudge Rodriguez's single scores Dunn, 3-1 Nationals..

3. TEH COAD!!! John Lannan gives up a leadoff double in the bottom of the third, and two groundouts later another run scores to make it 3-2 Nats. Top of the fourth, Mike Michael Morse takes a 94mph thigh-high fastball from Max Scherzer deeeep to right and GONE!! Leadoff HR, and it's 4-2 Nats."Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?" - souldrummer. Michael Morse!! The DC Faithful won't stop asking that...Morse's second HR. 

2. LANNAN!!!!: John Lannan gives up a leadoff single to Ryan Raburn to start the fourth, putting the leadoff runner on for the third straight inning. A groundout by Johnny Damon moves Raburn to second and he scores on a one-out RBI double by Magglio Ordonez that gets over Josh Willingham's head. 4-3 Nats. An intentional walk to Miguel Cabrera, an unintentional walk to Brennan Boesch, and it's bases loaded for Carlos Guillen, who's sac fly scores the tying run, 4-4. 

1. E: 58: Gerard Laird singles to left for the fourth-straight leadoff hit off John Lannan. Tigers' shortstop Danny Worth grounds to second, Cristian Guzman charges and fiel...bobbles it. Worth's safe. Laird safe at second. Guzman's 6th error of the year, the Nationals' League-leading 58th E...Lannan throws a 1-0 fastball up high and inside to Ryan Raburn, who destroys it, deeep to left and GONE!! Raburn's first HR of the season. 3-run blast, 7-4 Tigers. One out later, Lannan's done: 4.1 IP, 10 H, 7 R, 6 ER, 4 BB, 1 K, 1 HR, 104 pitches, 63 strikes, 8 groundouts, 4 flyouts. 

• Miss The Game?The DC Faithful Were Watching...

Num Name - Comments
1 souldrummer - 168
2 RobBobS - 80
3 grizzy - 76
4 Doghouse - 65
5 natsstats - 64
6 MissB - 43
7 plebescite - 29
8 Nationalpastime9 - 29
9 brook - 27
10 cat daddy3000 - 20
11 RoscoeNats 15


• Final Score: Tigers 7, Nationals 4. 

Nationals now 31-34.


1 - Cristian Guzman K's chasing to start the game. Detroit righty Max Scherzer gives up a bunt single to Nyjer Morgan who drops one down the third base line that dies before rolling foul. Morgan takes second on a Tigers' catcher Gerard Laird, whose throw hits the runner and bounces into center, Morgan takes third. Ryan Zimmerman flies to right, Magglio Ordonez catches and throws home, too late, Morgan's safe on the sac fly, 1-0 Nats. Adam Dunn K's swinging to end the top of the frame...DC lefty John Lannan gets Tigers' center fielder Ryan Rayburn looking at a 2-2 slider. Magglio Ordonez splits Lannan's wickets for a two-out single. Miguel Cabrera walks with two down to put two on for Brennan Boesch. Grounder to Desmond, throw to Guzman at second, 1-0 Nats after one. 

2 - Josh Willingham walks to start the Nats' second. Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez battles Scherzer to a full count and flies out just short of the wall in right center. Roger Bernadina hits the hole at second with Willingham running and it's first and third with one out. Michael Morse K's chasing a slider outside in a 9-pitch AB. Scherzer pops Ian Desmond up to left to end the Nats' second...Leadoff single to center for Carlos Guillen. Brandon Inge singles to right for the second straight hit off Lannan, and Gerard Laird hits one off Lannan's hip that bounces away from Guzman at second for an infield single. Bases loaded. Danny Worth swings at the first pitch he sees and grounds to short, Desmond throws home, one down. Lannan walks Ryan Rayburn to force in a run.1-1. Johnny Damon grounds to first, Michael Morse throws home for the force. Magglio Ordonez flies out to left, 1-1 after two. 

3 - Cristian Guzman goes down swinging for the second time. Nyjer Morgan's 2 for 2 after he singles through center with one down. Ryan Zimmerman K's looking as Morgan steals second. Adam Dunn gets pitched around. Josh Willingham lines to right-center to score Morgan!! 2-1 Nats. Pudge Rodriguez singles to center to score the Hammer, 3-1 Nationals. Roger Bernadina K's looking to end the Nats' third...Miguel Cabrera rips a line drive double by Zimmerman at third and Willingham in left. Brennan Boesch moves Miggy up a bag. Carlos Guillen grounds to first, Morse makes an ill-advised throw home, and Pudge isn't ready for it so he misses Cabrera with the tag. 3-2 Nats. Guillen safe at first. Lannan pops up Brandon Inge, two down. Gerald Laird singles to left on a sharp liner, first and third with two outs for Danny Worth. Worth grounds to third, Zimmerman gets the force at second. 3-2 Nats after three. 

4 - Michael Morse takes a 94mph thigh-high heater from Scherzer deeeep to right and GONE!! HR!!! 4-2 Nats. Ian Desmond grounds out to Inge at third. Cristian Guzman grounds to second. Nyjer Morgan flies to Ryan Raburn in center, 4-2 Nats in the fourth...Ryan Raburn hits a leadoff single to center. Michael Morse dives on a grounder from Damon and tags the bag with his glove. One down, Raburn to second. Magglio Ordonez battles John Lannan for seven pitches before doubling over Willingham's head and off the left field wall. Raburn scores, 4-3 Nats. Lannan gives Miguel Cabrera the intentionals, then walks Brennan Boesch unintentionally to load the bases for Carlos Guillen, whose sac fly scores Ordonez and ties it at 4-4. Inge grounds to third, Zim takes the force at second, 4-4 after four. 

5 - Ryan Zimmerman K's looking at a fastball outside from Max Scherzer. 7 K's. Adam Dunn K's swinging ahead of a change, K no.8. Josh Willingham lines to left for a two-out single off Scherzer. Pudge Rodriguez K's swinging to end the Nats' fifth...Gerard Laird lines to left to start the Nats' fifth. Danny Worth grounds to second and Guzman bobbles it. E: 58 of the year for the Nats. Ryan Rayburn takes a 1-0 fastball deeeeeeep to left and GONE! Three-run HR, 7-4 Tigers. Johnny Damon pops to third. One out. Lannan's done. Tyler Walker takes over. Magglio Ordonez doubles over third with one down. Miguel Cabrera flies out to center, two down. Brennan Boesch grounds out to short, 7-4 Tigers after five. 

6 - Scherzer gets a grounder to second from Roger Bernadina. Michael Morse flies out to right field to Ordonez. Ian Desmond grounds out to Carlos Guillen, three down in a hurry...Carlos Guillen flies out to Roger Bernadina in right field. One down. Brandon Inge flies to short right, Guzman's got it. Two down. Laird flies out to center to end a quick sixth. 

7 - Phil Coke gets a weak grounder from Guzman for the first out of the seventh. Coke gets Nyjer Morgan swinging for out no.2. Ryan Zimmerman grounds to third, 1-2-3 seventh for Coke, 7-4 Tigers...Danny Worth grounds out to short. Ryan Raburn flies out to Willingham in left. Two down, Damon vs Walker. Groundout to second to end the seventh. 7-4 Tigers. 

8 - Adam Dunn K's swinging to start the eighth. Phil Coke's done. Joel Zumaya gets a pop fly foul of first up the line in right, two down after Willingham's pop-out. Pudge Rodriguez grounds out to Worth's backhand at short, and he makes the throw to first, in time...Ian Desmond dives for a grounder up the middle from Ordonez, but his throw pulls Morse off the bag. Ordonez safe. Miguel Cabrera K's trying to check his swing on a 1-2 slider. One down. Burnett gets Brennan Boesch looking, two down. Carlos Guillen pops out behind second, Desmond makes the catch.

9 - Jose Valverde hits Roger Bernadina, leadoff runner on. Ian Desmond K's swinging for the first out of the ninth. Cristian Guzman takes a two-out walk. Nyjer Morgan grounds to second, Carlos Guillen's throw to first ends the game. 7-4 Tigers.