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Nationals News: Now Everyone Else Knows the Future is Now...

  National news coverage alert: ESPN's Jayson Stark says that the future is now in Natstown. ESPN also put together a bit on Jordan Zimmermann's recovery from Tommy John surgery.

  Although it's fun to watch, Thomas Boswell wonders if it really is a good thing for Stephen Strasburg to be a strikeout pitcher.

  If Strasburg makes the All-Star team, he will have pitched the fewest games before the All-Star break ever.

  Scott Olsen was sent to Viera, Florida to play in extended spring training after he felt weakness in his shoulder. The rotation hole will have to be plugged at least a bit longer...

  John Lannan has been roughed up of late, and he doesn't know what's wrong. He's not at risk of losing his spot just yet, but when the Nats' young pitchers make pushes toward the roster, he'll have to prove himself. Last year, he got a double play 20 percent of the time it was possible, this year, he's gotten a double play just 11 percent of the time.

  Tigers manager Jim Leyland says that Pudge Rodriguez will get 3,000 hits before his career is over.

  Michael Morse has accepted the fact that he's a bench player, but is playing like he wants to be an everyday player.

  Brittany Marshall runs down the Nats' first-round picks to see which have been successful and which have not.

  The Nationals need to continue to hold the ship together until they receive reinforcements in the form of Jordan Zimmermann, Wang, and Ross Detwiler. Or, they could sign a starter.

  MASN had the highest-ever Nats quarter-hour rating during Strasburg's start on Sunday.