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Washington Nationals' Livan Hernandez No Match For Detroit Tigers' Justin Verlander, 8-3 Final.

Tonight's Top 5: 

5. SHAKE N BAKE!!! BERNIE? Adam Dunn has 5 HR's in his last 8 games and 25 at bats, and 15 HR's on the season after he goes deeeeeep on a 1-0 fastball that Justin Verlander throws outside and high to the left-hander...DUNN drives it just to the left of center and GONE!! Verlander doesn't believe it!! Believe it!! Solo shot for Dunn, 1-0 Nats. SHAKE N BAKE!! One out, top of the second, Roger Bernadina gets hold of a 95mph fastball low and inside and Bernie launches it to right and way out!! 2-0 Nats!! Bernadina's 4th HR of the year...

4. Leadoff Walks, Walked-in runs...Walked-in runs...?:  Livan Hernandez walks three of the first four batters he faces in the Tigers' third, putting the leadoff batter, Miguel Cabrera on and then giving up a single to Brennan Boesch, a base-loading walk to Carlos Guillen and then a bases-loaded walk to Brandon Inge that forces in a run. (Flashback: Last night, bases loaded, one out in the second, DC lefty John Lannan issues a bases-loaded walk to Ryan Rayburn that forces Brandon Inge in from third...Two nights in a row?)...Gerard Laird follows with a two-run single, and Don Kelly hits a sac fly, 4-2 Tigers after two...5-2 after three when Livan gives up another leadoff walk and a one-out RBI single...

3. TAWH? The Amazing What Happened To Willie Harris?: After going 0 for 3 in tonight's game, batting seventh in the Nats' lineup, Willie Harris is now 1 for his last 20, with 7 K's and following tonight's game, a .158/.250/.337 slash line on the year. Harris hasn't had a hit since he tripled in a run in Houston on June 6th...The Nats' Opening Day right fielder has fallen far...

2. Mr. National Not Himself. Verlander's Filthy: Livan Hernandez walked 8 and K'd 10 in 4 starts and 31.0 IP in April. May it was 11 BB, 17 K's in 6 G and 36.0 IP. In 3 games and 18.2 IP in June, Livan's walked 12 and struck out just 8...6 of those walks came tonight as Hernandez gave up 7 hits, (one 3-run HR), 6 walks and 8 ER overall in 6.2 IP over which he threw 110 pitches, 59 strikes. Tigers' right-hander Justin Verlander strikes out 11, gives up 7 hits,2 HR's, 3 ER and...0 walks? 116 pitches, 80 strikes, over 8.0 IP...Livan drops a 65mph curve on Miguel Cabrera for a swinging K to end the fifth, Justin Verlander throws a 101mph fastball by Ryan Zimmerman in the sixth...Livan's back to being Livan and the Nationals need to think seriously about their starting rotation...

1. E: 59: Unfortunately, this is how the countdown has to end again. The Nationals' league-leading 59th error is on Cristian Guzman who blows a grounder from Don Kelly in the eight for his 7th error of the season...Washington was one out away from the escaping the game without an error...

• Miss The Game? The DC Faithful Suffered Through It...

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1 souldrummer - 107
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4 natsstats - 63
5 MissB - 54
6 grizzy - 53
7 RoscoeNats - 46
8 plebescite - 37
9 Princess Jazzy - 23
10 catdaddy3000 - 21


• Final Score: Tiger 8, Nationals 3.

Nationals now 30-35.


1 - Nyjer Morgan K's looking at a two-strike curve outside. Cristian Guzman flies out left field for out no.2. Adam Dunn gets hold of a fastball over the plate and drives it to deeeeeep center and over the wall for a two-out solo HR!!! 1-0 Nats. Shake n Bake!!! Ryan Zimmerman takes a two-strike curve inside for a called strike three...Cristian Guzman knocks down a grounder from Don Kelly and throws to first from his knees. Johnny Damon pops out to Ryan Zimmerman and Magglio Ordonez flies to right, 1-2-3- first for Livan Hernandez. 

2 - Pudge Rodriguez goes down swinging. Roger Bernadina connects with a fastball and drives it to deep right and GONE!!! Solo HR, 2-0 Nats. Willie Harris grounds out to Miguel Cabrera, two down. Michael Morse drives a two-out single to right, but Ian Desmond K's trying to hold up on a curve outside from Verlander...Livan walks Miguel Cabrera in front of Brennan Boesch, who singles to center. Carlos Guillen goes from 0-2 to 3-2 to first. Bases loaded for Brandon Inge. Livan walks him to force in a fun. 2-1 Nats. Gerard Laird lines over short and into left-center, two runs score, 3-2 Tigers. Ramon Santiago bunts both runs into scoring position. Don Kelly's sac fly to center scores Inge, 4-2 Nats. Johnny Damon pops out to end the inning. 

3 - Nyjer Morgan goes down chasing a 1-2 curve into the dirt. Guzman gets more of the same filth. Adam Dunn flies out to Don Kelly in center, 1-2-3 third for Verlander...Magglio Ordonez walks to start the Tigers' third. Miguel Cabrera grounds out to Ryan Zimmerman at third. Brennan Boesch singles to center, Magglio scores, Morgan's throw in is off-line, 5-2 Tigers. Zimmerman catches a foul pop from Carlos Guillen. Brandon Inge flies out to left field, 5-2 Tigers after three. 

4 - Ryan Zimmerman grounds to Inge at third, to Cabera, one down. Pudge Rodriguez singles up the middle with one down. Roger Bernadina grounds into a force at second, two down. Willie Harris up, Bernadina steals second. Willie Harris K's when he fouls strike three in Laird's glove...Laird lines out to left. Livan gets a groundout to second from Ramon Santiago and Don Kelly does the same, 5-2 Tigers after four. 

5 - Michael Morse lines a single to right. Ian Desmond makes it easy for Ramon Santiago, 6-3 DP on a grounder over second. Nyjer Morgan down swinging to end the Nats' fifth...Johnny Damon flies out to short left, Ian Desmond gets there. Livan Hernandez gets Magglio Ordonez swinging when he tips strike three into Pudge's mitt. Miguel Cabrera gets another slow curve for and Livan gets another K.

6 - The Guzzzzzzzz knocks Verlander down with a liner to second, then runs over Miguel Cabrera at first. Safe!! Adam Dunn moves Guzman over with a groundout into the shift. Ryan Zimmerman K's swinging through a 101mph fastball outside. Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez pushes a single through second to score Guzman, 5-3 Tigers. Roger Bernadina's up, but Laird nails Pudge running for second...Brennan Boesch grounds out to first. Jose Guillen bounces one off the out-of-town scoreboard in right-center. One-out walk to Brandon Inge. Gerard Laird pops out to Desmond in short left. Two outs. Ramon Santiago can't get a grounder by Dunn, toss to Livan covering, 5-3 Tigers after six. 

7 - Roger Bernadina pops out to Ramon Santiago. Willie Harris pops out to Brandon Inge foul of third. Mike Morse grounds back to the mound to end a quick 1-2-3 seventh for the Nats...Ryan Zimmerman fields and throws out Don Kelly. Johnny Damon lines out to Cristian Guzman at second. Magglio Ordonez keeps the inning alive with a single through short. MIguel Cabrera singles to center. Two on, two out. Brennan Boesch launches a long fly ball to right and GONE!! Oh, no. 8-3 Tigers on the 3-run blast. Two-out walk to Carlos Guillen. Livan's done. Miguel Batista's up. Brandon Inge  flies out to right. 

8 - Justin Verlander hits Ian Desmond. Nyjer Morgan moves Desmond to second with a weak grounder. Cristian Guzman K's swinging through a high fastball outside. Adam Dunn goes down looking, breaking ball outside for a called third strike...Matt Capps gets a groundout to third from Laird. Guzman knocks down a grounder from Don Kelly, but can't make the play. E: 59. Capps gets Damon swinging to end the eighth. 

9 - Enrique Gonzalez vs Ryan Zimmerman. Groundout to second. Pudge Rodriguez grounds to third. Roger Bernadina pops out to left. Tigers win.