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Game 66: The real Livan Hernandez just stood up.



  • All too familiar: Livan Hernandez (-37.9%) gives up 8 ER in 6.2 IP, striking out two and walking six, including three in one inning--all of whom scored.
  • Dingerz! Adam Dunn (+5.5%) goes yard for the early lead (+9.8) while Roger Bernadina (+4.0%) hits a solo shot to tack (+9.7%) on before the Inning of the Livan Walks.

  • Hitz! Ivan Rodriguez (+4.0%) is 2-4 with an RBI, while Mike Michael Morse (+3.5%) is 2-3.
  • So painful: Livo gives up a two-run single (-10.6%) after a bases-loaded walk (-9.6%).