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Nationals News: Clubhouse Schemistry

  Too funny to pass up: Jim Leyland's hilarious take on clubhouse chemistry. It's not worth [a hill of beans]!

  He isn't pitching while the team is in Detroit, but Stephen Strasburg gave an interview to the clamoring media. He's as humble as ever, saying that despite the national media attention he is garnering, he isn't the face of the franchise because he hasn't been around very long.

  Livan Hernandez' six walks last night were the most he's issued in more than three years. We all knew Livan would have some bad outings; this just happened to be one of them.

  The Nats are 11-20 in the last 31 games, so it's safe to say they've been in a prolonged slide. Is this what we should expect from the team, or is there going to be a turnaround?

  Adam Dunn has been hitting a lot of homers... without runners on base. He says the pitches he sees are different depending on the situation.

  John Lannan believes he's figured out why his sinker doesn't sink -- he's subconsciously trying to avoid reinjuring his elbow.

  Thinking about a Strasburger? Watch this review first.

  Justin Verlander struck out 11 Nationals last night.

  DC Pro Sports Report wraps up the Nats' minor league happenings.