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Game 71: Three true outcomes



  • DINGERZ! Cristian Guzman (+8.6%) homers in the 6th to give the Nationals a 2-1 lead (+16.9%) after Michael Morse (+6.0%) homers in the 2nd to get a 1-0 lead (+10.6%)
  • WALKZ! Ryan Zimmerman (+6.3%) walks three times, while Guz and Nyjer Morgan (-2.1%) each walk once.
  • KAYZ! Despite a slew of leadoff baserunners, Livan Hernandez (+36.1%) works his crafty veteran magic, striking out 5 in 7 IP with 1 ER.  Tyler Clippard (+12.6%) punches out one in his inning of scoreless relief, while Matt Capps (+17.3%) strikes out the side--after "interestingly" putting runners on the corners with one down (the last two Ks being worth +21.0% and +16.9%, respectively).

(Edit: I had the wrong WPA for Clip & Save; I mistakenly gave Livo's total to Capps, and Capps' total to Clipp.)