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Game 73: All kinds of FAIL



  • Starter FAIL: Stephen Strasburg (+20.5%) labors over 6 IP, giving up 8 hits but only 1 ER (on an RBI single, -12.5%) thanks to 9 Ks. You wouldn't think that would be a failure, would you?
  • Umpire FAIL: Roger Bernadina (-3.6%) is "out" at home on a Dunn single (-6.5%).
  • RISP FAIL: Ryan Zimmerman (-7.2%) strikes out with a runner on 2nd (-10.1%), while Ian Desmond (-15.7%) strikes out with runners 2nd-3rd (-11.3%), and Josh Willingham Ks (-10.6%) with runners on the corners (-8.9%).  No Nationals hitter had positive WPA tonight.
  • Bullpen-FAIL FAIL:  Sean Burnett (+11.8%) and Doug Slaten (+4.3%) pitch 3 scoreless in relief.