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Washington Nationals Blow 6-0 Lead, Lose 7-6 To Baltimore Orioles On Walk-Off E.

Tonight's Top 5: 

5. E: 64: J.D. Martin gives up a leadoff single to Luke Scott in the O's second, and the mistake is quickly compounded by Cristian Guzman's 8th error of the year on a grounder to second by Adam Jones. Guzman's thinking ahead to what he'll do once he fields it and instead of tagging Scott on the way to second and throwing to first, he comes up empty with his 8th error of the year, the Nationals' 64th, and runners on first and second with no outs. Martin loads the bases with no outs, gets a 5-2-3 DP out of Garrett Atkins and a line drive into Guzman's glove from Julio Lugo to end the scoreless frame. E: 65: Ian Desmond just plain misses a spinner to short off Julio Lugo's bat. Desmond's 18th error of the season is the Washington Nationals' league-leading 65th in 74 games. Lugo scores from third after two singles and a sac fly. 6-1 Nats. E: 66: Still in the fifth, runners on first and second after the sac scores Desmond's first E. The Nats' 24-year-old infielder dives to flat-out rob Nick Markakis on a sharp one-hopper to short, but Desmond throws it by Guzman at second for his 19th error of the season, second of the night and the Nats' league-leading 66th. E: 67: 4 Errors? Really? And this one hurts the most, as it comes in the bottom of the ninth after the O's rally for 3 runs in the eighth to tie it at 6-6. Tyler Clippard, back on the mound after the rough eighth, gives up a one-out walk to Matt Wieters (who's replaced at first by Jake Fox) and a single to Scott Moore, whose 3-run HR had tied the game in the previous frame, and Nats' Skipper Jim Riggleman brings Matt Capps in. Capps gets a DP grounder from Julio Lugo to Ian Desmond at short to Guzman at second and...Guzman throws it by Adam Dunn, Jake Scott scores, 7-6 O's. Error no.2 of the game for Guzman, 9th of 2010, the Nats' 67th in 74 games...

• No.'s 4-1 After the JUMP...

4. NMIMH!!!! Nyjer Morgan starts the Nats' first with a single to right, then takes second on Cristian Guzman's walk and third when O's catcher Matt Wieters hits the runner with the pickoff attempt at second. First and third for Ryan Zimmerman, who K's. Adam Dunn scores Morgan from third with a groundout toward first, 1-0 Nats. Morgan singles to start the Nats' third, steals second on O's backstop Matt Wieters, takes third on a sac fly to right by Zimmerman and scores when Adam Dunn hits a sac fly to right to make it 2-0 Nats. 3-0 Nats in the fourth when Morgan hits a ground-rule double to center to score Ian Desmond from second and make it 4-0 Nats. Morgan moves to third on a Ryan Zimmerman single and scores along with Zim when Adam Dunn doubles to right. 6-0 Nats. Morgan hits a leadoff single in the sixth and gets stranded at third three outs later, then grounds out in his final at bat of the night in the eighth. Morgan finishes the game 4 for 5 with an RBI and 3 runs scored and 16 stolen bases on the year...then there was The Catch...(see no.1).

3. Dunn Gets It...uh, Done?: You might have noticed that it was Adam Dunn knocking in a bunch of runs while reading no.4 on this list. The Nats' 30-year-old first baseman misses a bad throw to first by Cristian Guzman in the bottom of the ninth that ends up costing the Nats the game, but the error is on the Guz's throw. Dunn goes 1 for 4 with 4 RBI's, two sac flies and his 21st double of 2010. Dunn grounds out to first in the first to score Morgan from third. A sac fly to right in the third allows Morgan to tag and score, and a two-out, two-run double in the fourth puts the Nats up 6-0 before things fall apart...

2. Clipp IT!!: 6-3 Nats after seven and a half. Tyler Clippard starts the eighth by walking Matt Wieters, then gets behind pinch hitter Scott Moore, 3-0, then 3-1 and Clipp throws a fastball down the middle that Moore launches to right and almost out of the yard(s). 6-5 Nats in the eighth and this one just got interesting. Cesar Izturis doubles off Clippard with one down and scores the tying run on a Corey Patterson single to center. 6-6 game after eight. And Clippard comes back for the ninth after having thrown 34 pitches in the eighth, but the Nats had already used 5 pitchers to get to the eighth, so Clippard's gotta go again. A one-out walk to Matt Wieters and a Scott Moore single end Clippard's night, Matt Capps comes on and gets a DP grounder from Julio Lugo, but Cristian Guzman throws the ball by Dunn at first after the force and the O's walk off on the error, 7-6 Orioles

1. THE CATCH!!! Watch It Here!!!: O's outfielder Corey Patterson gets hold of a 2-1 fastball from J.D. Martin and drives it to right-center, Nyjer Morgan tracks it to the wall, times it perfectly and Morgan scales the wall, climbing the sign to rob Corey Patterson, pulling the ball back out of the hand of an unsuspecting fan and getting a hat tip from Patterson for his efforts. Catch of the Year? It just might be, and the kind of night that could turn Nyjer Morgan's season around, too bad the Nats blew the game...

• Miss The Game? The DC Faithful Were Watching... 

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• Final Score: O's 7, Nats 6. 

Nationals now 33-41. 


1 - The Nats' leadoff man gets on, Nyjer Morgan singles through the right side of the infield. Cristian Guzman works a walk out of O's right-hander Jake Arrieta, Ryan Zimmerman K's swinging through a 2-2 fastball up high and inside. Morgan almost gets picked off second by Matt Wieters, whose throw hits the runner and rolls into center as Morgan takes third. Dunn grounds to first, Garrett Atkins gets the out at first, that's all, Morgan scores, 1-0 Nats. Josh Willingham goes down swinging to end the Nats' first...Corey Patterson leads off the O's first with a walk. J.D. Martin gets a DP grounder to short, Ian Desmond to Cristian Guzman to Adam Dunn at first. Double play. Nick Markakis lines to left and Martin's got a scoreless first frame. 

2 - Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez grounds out Miguel Tejada at third, one down. Mike Morse grounds to Julio Lugo at second. Willie Harris drops a bunt down the third base line for an infield single and a two-out baserunner, but Ian Desmond pops out to third to end the Nats' second...Luke Scott lines a broken bat single over second. Adam Jones grounds to second and Guzman tries to field and tag Scott but does neither. E: 8 On Guzman, Error no. 64 on the season for the Nats. Matt Wieters lines a single by short to load the bases with no outs. Garrett Atkins grounds to third, Zimmerman throws home, Pudge to first, double play. Two down for Martin. Julio Lugo lines out to second, Guzman's got it. 

3 - Nyjer Morgan's on again with a line drive single to right, and he steals second on Wieters. Cristian Guzman gets hit, first and second, no outs. Ryan Zimmerman flies out to right, Morgan takes third. First and third for Dunn. Fly ball to right, Morgan tags and scores, 2-0 Nats. Josh Willingham lines to left to move Guzman up. Pudge Rodriguez gets a grounder deep enough in the hole at second that Lugo can't throw home in time to get Guzman who scores from second for a 3-0 Nats' lead. Mike Morse's groundout ends the Nats' third....Cesar Izturis flies out to Harris in left. Corey Patterson flies to deep center and ou--NYJER MORGAN CLIMBS THE WALL TO BRING IT BACK!! UNREAL!! Morgan was almost over the wall. One down. J.D. Martin gets Miguel Tejada swinging but the ball gets by Pudge and Tejada's safe at first. Martin gives up a two-out single to Markakis. Luke Scott flies to right, but not deep enough, Morse makes the catch. Still 3-0 Nats. 

4 - Willie Harris grounds out to first. One down. Ian Desmond takes a one-out walk and steals second. Nyjer Morgan hits one out to center on one hop, Desmond scores, ground rule double, 4-0 Nats. Cristian Guzman pops out foul of third. Ryan Zimmerman singles through short to put two on for Dunn. First and third. Dunn lines to the corner in right, Morgan and Zimmerman score, 6-0 Nats on the Dunn double. Josh Willingham flies to right to end the Nats' fourth...Adam Jones lines out to Mike Morse in right. Martin gets Matt Wieters swinging at a slider. Garrett Atkins flies out to right to end the fourth, 6-0 Nats. 

5 - Pudge Rodriguez takes a leadoff walk. The O's get the force at second on a grounder by Michael Morse and a nice stab by Cesar Izturis. Arrieta's out, Mark Hendrickson takes over on the mound. Willie Harris goes down swinging and Ian Desmond grounds into a force, 6-0 Nats after four and a half...Julio Lugo grounds to short, and Ian Desmond boots it. Desmond's 18th E. Cesar Izturis sneaks a single through short and Corey Patterson singles to right, bases loaded. Miguel Tejada rips into a slider and only Nyjer Morgan keeps it to an RBI sac fly, speeding to left-center to track it down. Nick Markakis rips a one-hopper to short, Desmond dives to get it, but throws it by Guzman at second, Patterson's safe at second and takes third, Izturis scores, Markakis takes second, 6-2 Nats. Desmond's 19th E. Martin is done. Doug Slaten vs Luke Scott. Swinging K!! Miguel Batista's on next. Adam Jones hits a sinker straight down and it spins out toward third and stays fair for an RBI infield single. 6-3 Nats. Matt Wieters grounds out to second to finally end the fifth. 

6 - Nyjer Morgan singles to center for his fourth hit of the night, and moves to second on Cristian Guzman's groundout. Morgan to third on Zim's grounder to first. Adam Dunn vs Hendrickson. Dunn down looking, 6-3 Nats in the sixth...Nyjer Morgan tracks down a fly ball to center from Garrett Atkins. Batista issues a one-out walk to Julio Lugo. Cesar Izturis grounds out to second two down. Sean Burnett takes over for Batista and loses a race to first on a grounder to Dunn by Corey Patterson, first and third with two down. Drew Storen on for the Nats. Miguel Tejada goes down swinging!!!! STOREN!!

7 - Josh Willingham flies out to center. One down. Pudge Rodriguez rolls one to Tejada at short. Mike Morse reaches on an weak grounder to third, and is replaced by Roger Bernadina on the basepaths. WIllie Harris skies one to right to end the Nats' seventh...Nick Markakis singles to center off Storen. Luke Scott skies one to right that Bernadina gets under. Adam Jones grounds to third, Zimmerman to Guzman to Dunn, double play!! Storen completes the scoreless frame. 

8 - Ian Desmond flies to right, one down. Will Ohman on to face Nyjer Morgan. Morgan grounds to second. Cristian Guzman grounds out to second, 6-3 Nats in the eighth...Tyler Clippard takes over for the Nats against Matt Wieters. Leadoff walk. Scott Moore on to hit for Garrett Atkins. DEEEP fly to right on a 3-1 fastball and it's a one-run game after the two-run HR. 6-5 Nats. Julio Lugo flies out to right, one down. Cesar Izturis lines a double to right, sliding in ahead of Bernadina's throw. Corey Patterson lines a single to center, Izturis scores, 6-6 game. Miguel Tejada lines to right, Patterson takes third. Clippard walks Markakis. Luke Scott flies out to right to end the eighth. 

9 - Alfredo Simon on for the O's. Ryan Zimmerman reaches safely on an infield single that dies in the grass halfway to third. Adam Dunn K's swinging over a two-strike splitter. Josh Willingham drops a one-out single into center. Pudge flies out to right, two down. Roger Bernadina works the count full and grounds to short, Izturis throws him out, barely....Adam Jones pops out to Pudge. One down. Clippard walks Matt Wieters. Jake Fox on to run. Scott Moore lines a single to right. Clippard's done. Matt Capps comes on to face Julio Lugo and gets a ground ball to short, Desmond to Guzman to---Guzman throws it by Dunn, Jake Fox scores, 0's win. 7-6 final. E: 67.