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Game 55: Capps just can't get a break



  • OOF: At one point the Nationals had a 89.4% win expectancy.  Then Matt Capps (-81.0%) had his outing turn sour.
  • Riggler! Cristian Guzman (+18.6%) misplayed a game-ending out into a game-tying ROE (-46.6%).  Remind me again why he's playing RF late in a close game?
  • teh Clutch: Okay, Guz did single in the go-ahead run in the top of the 9th (+34.0%) after Willie Harris (+34.4%) tripled in the tying run (+41.0%).
  • not teh Clutch: Adam Dunn (-21.6%) is 0-4 with 5 LOB.  MOAR RIBBEEZ, PLZ!
  • PITCH TO ZIM, PUNKS! Ryan Zimmerman (+22.4%) is 2-2 with a double, a walk, and two runs scored.