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Washington Nationals Dominated By Reds' Mike Leake, Cincinnati Wins, 5-1.

Tonight's Top 5: 

5. E: 5 And Other Assorted E's With And Without Numbers:  A throwing error on Ryan Zimmerman on the first grounder of the game puts Orlando Cabrera on first. Brandon Phillips' grounder forces Cabrera out at second, but Phillips scores from first in the next at bat when Joey Votto doubles into the right field corner. 1-0 Reds. The Nats start the first with Cristian Guzman singling as usual, but Nyjer Morgan tries a bunt in the next AB and pops it up the pitcher...Roger Bernadina singles to start the second, but gets thrown out trying to steal second, so Ian Desmond's single in the next AB is wasted. One error goes the Nationals way, and accounts for their only run: Roger Bernadina spins a pop-up to first, Reds' first baseman Joey Votto gets to it, and drops it, allowing Ryan Zimmerman to score from third to make it 2-1 Reds, but Cincinnati blows it open in the eighth. Tyler Walker gives up a leadoff double to Orlando Cabrera and a single to Brandon Phillips, and Sean Burnett replaces Walker, throwing a wild pitch to Joey Votto, Phillips tries to take third, but runs into Ian Desmond and ends up getting thrown out by Wil Nieves, but the call is reversed and Ian Desmond's 15th error is for "Interference"...Wil Nieves gets the Nats' third error of the game when he drops the ball on a play at the plate when he's run over by Phillips two at bats later...(more on that in a minute), for now...54 errors on the season for the Nats, and a defense that appeared improved early is once again having issues...

4. Leake A Hit: After singling over second for his second hit with one down in the fifth, Reds' right-hander, Mike Leake, who's held the Nationals scoreless through four, scores on a double to left by Orlando Cabrera to put the Reds up 2-0 over the Nationals, scoring what would end up being the winning run. Leake, 22, the Reds' '09 1st Round pick, taken 8th overall, improves to 5-0 in 11 starts, giving up 7 hits, 1 R, 0 ER and recording 5 K's without walking a batter. 100 pitches, 66 strikes, 7 groundouts, 6 flyouts...Dominant. Here's what Nats' Skipper Jim Riggleman had to say about the Reds' right-hander: 

Jim Riggleman on Mike Leake: "He throws pretty much any pitch any time, keeps the ball down pretty good, good off speed stuff, good changeup, movement on the ball, he's just a pitcher, he's not a thrower, he's a classic out of the mold of Greg Maddux. Greg could do that to you, he's got a chance to do some great things, and hopefully we'll be able to beat him next time we see him, but I tell you, we squared it up pretty good on him...we got hits...he was able to make the necessary pitches when he needed to get out of an inning."

3. Atilano Going Nowhere?: Luis Atilano goes 7.0 innings, gives up, 6 hits, 2 runs, 1 earned, 1 walk and strikes out six. Atilano throws 114 pitches, 80 for strikes, and gets 9 groundouts, 4 flyouts from the Reds, unfortunately, he was up against Mike Leake. Asked in the post game press conference i f Atilano would be out of a spot in the rotation, Nats' Skipper Jim Riggleman said he, "...didn't want to discuss that yet," (meaning who would be moved) since the decision affects so many people, but what he would say is that, "I'm very proud of the job [Atilano's] done, he's really battled and given us a chance to stay in ballgames and win ballgames, and he does have 5 wins, so he's competed very well as have the other guys, everybody competes, and we're going to have to make a move somewhere."

2. Two Nights In A Row The Umps Get Noticed: Wild pitch by Sean Burnett to Joey Votto. Brandon Phillips tries to go first to third as Wil Nieves recovers it, but Nieves nails him by two steps at third....Wait? The umpire (3B ump Dan Burrino) reverses the call, saying Ian Desmond obstructed the runner? (He apparently did). Jim Riggleman's out to argue and he gets tossed. Burnett walks Votto. Scott Rolen follows with a grounder to short, Phillips breaks for home, Desmond throws home, Nieves has it but gets run and leveled and drops it, Brandon Phillips pounds his chest and screams as he heads to the dugout with Wil Nieves staring him all the way back in...Uh-oh...

1. Miguel Batista Will Have His Revenge: Brandon Phillips comes up in the ninth. Veteran right-hander Miguel Batista on the mound. Two down. 93mph fastball, right into Phillips' back. Ouch. Home plate ump Joe West doesn't hesitate, tossing Batista for the intentional HBP. The Nats' Skipper was already out of the game at that point, but he had this to say about his team taking revenge on a player they thought was showing their catcher up: 

Jim Riggleman: "You know, to me, players take care of issues. I thought it was handled very professionally by everyone involved, so it's over." 

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• Final Score: Reds 5, Nats 1.

Nationals now 27-30.


1 - Orlando Cabrera grounds to third to start things off, but Ryan Zimmerman's throw to first pulls Adam Dunn off the bag. E5. Nats' right-hander Luis Atilano gets Brandon Phillips to ground into a force at second but beats the DP throw from Cristian Guzman. Joey Votto doubles into the right field corner, Phillips comes around to score, 1-0 Reds early. Scott Rolen flies out to right. Two down. Jonny Gomes pops up behind the plate, Wil Nieves makes the grab...Cristian Guzman grounds to Orlando Cabrera deeep in the hole at short, and beats the throw to first. Nyjer Morgan tries to bunt (for a hit?) and pops it up to the Reds' right-hander Mike Leake. Ryan Zimmerman flies out to right field. Adam Dunn rips a line drive to right and into the corner. Guzman takes third. Josh Willingham drives a full-count sinker to center that Drew Stubbs grabs. 

2 - Jay Bruce takes a leadoff walk from Luis Atilano, but erases it with a DP grounder from Drew Stubbs to Ian Desmond at second, Desi steps on the bag, throws to first, two down. Ramon Hernandez grounds to short, Desmond throws to first, 1-0 Reds after one and a half...Roger Bernadina starts the Nats' second with a single to center, but gets thrown out trying to steal second. Ian Desmond follows with a line drive single to center, and takes second on Wil Nieves' groundout. Luis Atilano K's swinging to end the second. 

3 - Mike Leake sneaks a single through short to start the third. Luis Atilano gets a pop fly to left from Orlando Cabrera. Brandon Phillips grounds to third, Zim takes the force at second. Joey Votto grounds to Guzman to Dunn, 1-0 Reds after two and a half...Cristian Guzman K's on a half-hearted swing on a sinker. Nyjer Morgan sneaks one by Scott Rolen at third, and takes second as it rolls into left. Ryan Zimmerman flies out to center unproductively. Adam Dunn K's looking at a fastball outside. 

4 - Scott Rolen doubles off the left field wall to start the fourth, beating Hammer's throw in from left. Jonny Gomes flies to center, Morgan charges in and catches the low liner for the first out. Jay Bruce K's looking at an 0-2 sinker from Atilano. Drew Stubbs takes a 3-2 sinker, 1-0 Reds in the fourth...Josh Willingham singles to center to start the Nats' fourth. Roger Bernadina grounds to Brandon Phillips to Orlando Cabrera and on to Joey Votto, double play. Ian Desmond flies out to right to end the fourth.

5 - Luis Atilano gets a swinging K from Ramon Hernandez with an 0-2 fastball up high. Mike Leake singles for the second time tonight, dropping a blooper in over second, and then scores on an Orlando Cabrera RBI double to left, 2-0 Reds. Brandon Phillips grounds back to Atilano, two down. Joey Votto K's swinging through a sinker, 4 K's for Atilano...Wil Nieves grounds to short to start the Nats' fifth. Luis Atilano pops out foul of first. Cristian Guzman's grounder to third ends the fifth.

6 - Ryan Zimmerman sidearms a throw to first to get Scott Rolen for the first out of the sixth. Jonny Gomes sneaks a single through the right side of the infield. Jay Bruce battles Atilano for 14 pitches, and K's swinging, Wil Nieves throws to second and Gomes is caught stealing, strike'em out, throw'em out...Nyjer Morgan flies out to left, one down. Ryan Zimmerman rips a line drive to left, one-out single. Adam Dunn fouls off a 3-0, then a 3-1 pitch and K's swinging over a two-strike slider over the middle. Roger Bernadina up with two on, two out. Bloop pop to first, Joey Votto backs up on it and--misses it! Votto drops it, Zim scores from second, 2-1 Reds. Ian Desmond grounds out to third to end the sixth. 

7 - Luis Atilano gets a line drive to left from Drew Stubbs for the first out of the seventh. Ramon Hernandez K's looking at a 2-2 sinker inside. Mike Leake grounds out to second to end the Reds' seventh...Wil Nieves lines out to Jonny Gomes in left field. Willie Harris hits for Atilano, or more accurately K's. Cristian Guzman grounds out to second, and it's 2-1 Reds after seven. 

8 - Orlando Cabrera doubles off the left field wall for a leadoff hit off Tyler Walker. Brandon Phillips singles to center to score Cabrera and it's 3-1 Reds. Sean Burnett on for Walker vs Joey Votto. Wild pitch, Phillips takes second, and goes for third, but gets thrown out by Nieves, but then the Ump reverses the call, saying Ian Desmond obstructed his path. Scott Rolen grounds to short, Desmond throws home, Brandon Phillips levels Nieves, who loses the ball. 4-1 Reds. Jonny Gomes K's swinging, one down. Jay Bruce lines to left, Votto scores, 5-1 Reds. Drew Stubbs pops up to the catcher. Miguel Batista replaces Burnett and gets a fly ball to center that Morgan catches to end the inning...Nyjer Morgan vs Arthur Rhodes to start the Nats' eighth. Morgan K's swinging. Ryan Zimmerman walks with one down. Adam Dunn grounds into the shift, Phillips to Cabrera to Votto, inning-ending DP.

9 - Lance Nix leads off the Reds' ninth hitting for Arthur Rhodes. Fly ball to left, one down. Orlando Cabrera grounds out to third, Zim bobbles but makes the play. Miguel Batista drills Brandon Phillips square in the back and gets tossed. New pitcher Doug Slaten gives up a two-out single to Joey Votto. Two on, two outs. Scott Rolen pops up foul of first to end the Reds' ninth...Francisco Cordero's on to end it. Josh Willingham flies out to right. Roger Bernadina K's swinging over a sinker inside. Ian Desmond singles to left with two down. Wil Nieves K's swinging end it.